Google Home and Amazon Echo

Here’s When They Could Be Used Against You

Are you aware of the latest trend in the electronics industry for consumers? The voice controlled speakers are the hottest items in the market. Amazon Echo and Google Home are two of the products which play a dominating role in the smart speaker field.

Stay connected

The primary feature of these tools is to function as audio speakers. However there is a host of other facilities associated with these devices which will help in making your home efficient as well as smarter. The Amazon Echo and the Google Home vary in design. Both the devices have the capability of tackling basic tasks such as managing alarms, giving advice regarding restaurants and responding to queries.

Easy setup

Any individual who has access to your number can place a call through Echo. There is no hassle involved in the process of incorporating a new Echo or Google Home in your residence. It does not require special skills for setting up these devices. A reliable Wi-Fi connection is sufficient for the setup.

Placement of the device

The Echo is designed in such a way so that it responds to you in a smart fashion. The concept of Echo Spatial Perception is incorporated within these devices. The device which is closer to you will be the first one to respond. Instead of using the mouse, keyboard or monitor you can use these home assistants. These devices are computers where you can exercise control with the voice. The Google Home has the capability of recognizing multiple users and can provide varied responses to each query.

Privacy aspect

The issue of privacy is a matter of serious concern to many individuals. Some people are not too comfortable about the fact that the Amazon Echo and Google Home are connected with the Amazon and Google accounts. However the information is sent to the serversonly when the confirmation is made through the trigger words.

Security element

Switches are available for disabling the microphones. You can switch off the listening mode in other ways too apart from unplugging. You can use the mute button present in the Amazon Echo if you want the device to stop listening. If the red light is on then it is an indicator that this protection mode is active. You can even delete the stored recordings permanently if you are bothered about the fact that the device may hold all your sensitive data. You can click on your account in Google and delete operations on an individual basis or all of them in one shot.

Purchasing decision

Use these modern devices for getting help in activities when your hands are otherwise engaged. While purchasing these products check out for online deals.

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