Do you get strep throat repeatedly? Build a resistance against this common infection with home remedies. You may try antibiotics as an eradication measure. However, the question how to get rid of strep throat infection over and over again may bother you. You should give a chance to your immune system to fight nature, but instead, you consider using prescription drugs. Let us discuss some home remedies.

HoneyTake honey

Honey in daily doses can raise the level of antioxidants in the body. This will give a boost to the immune system and will be a soothing cure for this infection. Honey has an antibacterial quality which helps in the creation of a substantial barrier for prevention of this disease.

herbal teaDrink herbal tea

A natural remedy for this disease is an herbal tea. Chamomile tea can give you relief naturally. The components in this type of tea are capable of killing bacteria. The antispasmodic features will help you to relax. Dandelion tea also might be a herbal remedy for this kind of throat problem.

apple cider vinegarSip apple cider vinegar

Due to the presence of antibacterial elements apple cider vinegar can fight these infections. It contains prebiotic inulin which can boost the immune system by increasing T-cells and white blood cells. Gargle with three teaspoons of this vinegar mixed with eight ounces of lukewarm water.

Drink bone brothbone broth

Drinking bone broth will help to hydrate the body and will supply necessary minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium that will assist you in your speedy recovery. They are easily digestible and very flavorful. If you have difficulty in preparing this broth from scratch, then use the protein powdered version to get the same benefits.


Make a solution with cinnamon and warm water. Add some cardamom and black pepper powder to this solution. Stir well to dissolve. Use a strainer to strain this liquid into a clean glass. Use this to gargle around four times a day. This solution helps in giving relief to the burning sensation.

Himalayan salt

This is the purest of sea salts and is an excellent source of natural minerals. Gargle with this salt to eliminate sore throat infections. The antiviral feature supports your immune system. This remedy will make you start feeling better quickly.

Speedy recovery

Getting rid of this disease is not very tough. Though the natural remedies may not cure you in a few minutes or even hours, they will ease the pain and assist you towards a speedy recovery.


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