Foreign Policy of The New President Elect – Donald Trump

Foreign Policy Of The New President Elect – Donald Trump

Mr. Donald Trump, a business tycoon and a former host to a reality show program has been victorious in the recently concluded US elections. He has defeated Ms Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, former Senator and former US First Lady and is the next President elect. He will be assuming office on 20th January, 2017 after the Presidential term of current US President, Mr. Barrack Obama ends. Mr. Trump has been quite vociferous about the foreign policy that he would like to implement after he comes to power. He has a different kind of vision which has created lots of controversy.

Developing Relations with Adversaries

Mr. Trump has indicated that there is a need to slowly bring down the role of US in helping foreign countries in wars. They do not have any impact on the security of the US by any way. He has given indications that he would change the stance and would develop better relation with countries regarded as adversaries. He is not in favor with commitments of the US related to Security with the alliances. He is also against the “Climate Change Agreement” finalized in Paris last year. He is in the favor of using nuclear weapons and wants foreign nations to develop nuclear power without the help of the US. US could support allies such as Saudi Arabia against payments.

A Supporter of Putin

Mr. Vadimir Putin, Russian President has found an admirer in Mr. Donald Trump. He is in favor of working with Mr. Putin and has expressed his desire to support Syria, an ally of Russia. Mr. Trump is no peace monger and wants to strike back with nuclear weapons if attacked by ISIS. Mr. Trump also has expressed desire to put apart the agreement that prevents the nuclear program of Iran. He has threatened to sever the economic ties with China. In the most controversial statement, he wants to build a wall over Mexico for stopping infiltrators into the country.

Better to Watch and See

These radical comments have created a great deal of hue and cry over the country. Many have expressed real doubts over the capability of Mr. Trump as President. But, it is to be kept in mind that the US President has larger freedom on taking decisions on foreign matters than those relating domestic issues. This creates a higher possibility of many of these changes happen. It is to be seen how things shape up after he takes his oath as the US President in January, next year.

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Unpredictability is the Essence

The unpredictable nature of Mr. Trump’s view of the foreign policy has set off many debates. Some people are of the opinion that if these changes are brought about, this will lead to chaos in the country. There are others who feel that there is logic to the entirely different method of thinking of Mr. Trump. It will be a new way of dealing with international matters that will give priority to the US and the American citizens.

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