Facebook’s Trending Algorithm Can’t Stop Fake News, Computer Scientists Say


The powerful networking platform of Facebook seeks to keep the readers and users well-informed and updated. Very recently, it has invested in an algorithm that seeks to prevent the flow of misinformation. Users and viewers bank on the networking platform to find the latest trending news. But of late, quite a few misinformation including baseless theories have also been seen doing the round. The prospect highlights the inefficiency of the trending algorithm which has failed to stop the circulation of fake news.

The Scientists’ Opinion

Regarding this, it would be interesting to note what the computer scientists have to say.  According to them, lies including the fake stories that go viral on the net cannot be counteracted by the newly devised algorithm. That’s because the trending option is available to well over one and a half billion of active users. The algorithm-based approach which the networking site implements will simply fail to live up to the extensive user base. The editorial oversight that the approach involves will fall short of the users’ potential.

The Issues are Difficult

Getting misinformation detected and checked are no simple deals. The procedures become even more difficult if you have to make things automatic. The computational process has to be such that it detects a false story and gets it segregated from real news. According to scientists and expert commentators, that level of dexterity has not been achieved which facilities easy detection and segregation of false stories. However hard the propositions seem to be, top researchers are doing their bit to develop systems that facilitate the identification of rumors across social networking channels.

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Human Interference is Necessary

Facebook has been collaborating with researchers and developers who have the following viewpoint to express. According to one of the researchers, it is the human oversight that causes the problem. If human interference is reduced; then, the probability of failure increases.  The reduction is likely to account for the algorithm-based system’s failure, and as a result of this, the platforms are likely to become vulnerable to the gamers and rumor mongers.

Sheer Algorithm May Not Be Enough

Scientists feel that people will always find a way to outsmart and outwit these system-based algorithms. So, if the networking platforms become more and more algorithm-oriented; then, indeed there are reasons for concern. Though the networking platform thinks that machine can do the needful and identify rumors, scientists have a different viewpoint to present. They feel human intervention will be necessary to make the algorithm-based system work to its full potential.

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