How To Dress Up For A Job Interview: Your Success Tips

Dress Up For A Job Interview

Did you know research shows that 55% of a person’s overall impression of you is based on how you look? Before your final showdown to the interview panelists the immediate thought that crops in minds are How to dress up for a job interview? Though it is your personality and skills that really matter, to make a perfect first impression you need to choose your dress wisely. It sends everyone into a tizzy and makes the situation most difficult was a whole wardrobe filled up with clothes falls short of our expectations. With a few widely accepted guidelines you can totally ace the interview.

What to wear

Before the final day find out as to what do the employees present there dress where you will be interviewed. Ask whoever’s organizing the job interview and what is the clothing code and if there is any specific pointers for the dress code.

Choosing clothes

Hunt your closet to find whatever is in sync with what the other employees are wearing, but kicking it a notch up by including say, a vivid scarf, a sharp and crisp tie or a pocket square and an elegant brooch or a formal kerchief do go with the dress.

Do not go overboard and casual

By not going overboard, apparently, means that your prime focus should be making an impression and not a vogue statement. Hence sticking to the basics of formal wear is a must. Do not wear something casual or mix and match the formals with the casuals.

Keeping it tasteful, neat and tidy

Spray a decent amount of fragrance or perfume. Go minimal on the jewelry and makeup thus keeping it tasteful. Also do keep your clothes well-ironed, neat, tidy, ensure your teeth and hairs are brushed and nails well-trimmed.

Dress up comfortably

It is essential to dress up and feel comfortable in the attire that you are presenting yourself with. You should not wear something that is body-hugging or ill-fitting. Do not choose material that is uncomfortable for example synthetic, nylon or polyester fabrics because if you are not comfortable it shows up.

Wear your confidence too!

The attire you wear, whether it a shirt, a tunic or a linen outfit, should be worn with oodles of confidence and should make you feel proud of yourself and not degrade your morale. The way you wear a dress speak volumes about your personality, hence it is mandatory to wear it with panache.


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