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Donald Trump’s Real Intentions Can Be Understood After He Takes Oath

Donald Trump

Mr. Donald Trump, a business magnate in real estate has won the US elections recently and is the current President Elect. He is scheduled to assume office as the 45th President of the United States of America on 20th January, 2017 after the term of Barrack Obama, the current President of the United States ends. Mr. Trump has already voiced some of his ideas and thought processes during the election campaigns and some of the interviews. People are speculative about his ideas and are unsure of what and how his actions would be when he assumes the chair.

Trump Seems Focused On The United States

Mr. Trump is bent on severing the economic relations with China. He feels that economic drain out is happening and China needs to be stopped. He is also not keen to provide military support to the allies of the United States. The thought processes of Mr. Trump are radically different from his predecessors. He wants to put an end to the Affordable Care Act which President Obama established during the years of his Presidency. Mr. Trump wants to create an America which is primarily for the Americans. The priorities for all sections must come to the American people and they are the ones who should get all the benefits from the national and international dealings.

Wants To Make America Great

It is difficult to identify what Mr. Trump has in mind right now. It will be clear only after he comes to power in January, 2017. But, he has made it clear that he wants to take the United States of America to the greatest heights so that the country regains its lost glory. He has admission to deport the illegal immigrants out of the country as soon as he comes to power. He has also spoken about the building of a wall towards the side of Mexico to stop persons from infiltrating into the US.

Difficult To Read His Mind Now

Mr. Trump seems to be more focused on the manufacturing sector. He feels that this is the area that can lead to economic prosperity. He does not talk much about the service industry. He is also bent on improving ties with Russia and lessens the involvement on the international peace process. He feels that it does not concern the interest of the United States. He has a complete radical thinking ant the world now waits to see the decisions he takes after he comes to power.

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