Delve Into The Carefree Lifestyle Of Spain While Visiting Its Most Exotic Locations

Holiday in Spain

Isn’t it your dream to live a laid-back life full of fun and frolic? Of course, it is, and not just yours. You can ask anyone in your neighbourhood, and the answer will almost always be in an affirmative tone. While it’s not possible, you can always take a break and enjoy a holiday in Spain, the Land of the Siesta.

  1. The Capital: The country of Spain is a perfect representation of the life you dream of having. The people of the nation welcome tourists with a warm smile and induce you to a life of late nights and late mornings. Everyone knows the capital city of Spain, which is Madrid, and it is the heart and soul of the country. Strolling through the streets of the town will give you the feel of the place. With plazas, royal palaces, historical monuments and much more, there isn’t anything worth missing out in Madrid.
  2. A mythological city: You know Hercules, the son of the Greek God Zeus, who was a demigod and had astounding physical prowess. According to mythologists, Hercules was the founder of Seville, a city which invites all kinds of people to its streets. Visit the Triana neighborhood to witness traditional flamenco dancing and also see some of the significant landmarks in the form of Alcazar of Seville, the tomb of Christopher Columbus at Seville Cathedral, and the Plaza de Espana.
  3. Classy nightlife: No one can complete a tour of Spain without visiting Barcelona. Football fans will want to visit Madrid and Barcelona, but if you’re not into the game, there’s plenty to see and do at Barcelona. Walk through the alleys of Las Ramblas, Passeig de Gracia and then move on to less crowded locations to see architectural wonders. The nightlife of the city is a remarkable one that you can’t afford to miss. Visit the Costa Brava known for its blue flag beaches and explore sites like Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, Park Guell, and SagradaFamilia.
  4. Adventure thirsty: Not everyone likes to lay back on a bed and enjoy leisure periods. Some have an unquenchable thirst for adventure, and for such people, Spain has Malaga. Hiking at Malaga is an incredible option if one is looking for some adrenaline rush. Malaga is on the outskirts of the Andalucian coast, and the hike at Caminito Del Ray is a five-mile trek. Experiencing the breath-taking steep walls and narrow gorges is not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t forget to visit Museo Picasso that holds Picasso’s collection in a palace.
  5. Short but worthy: To get to Toledo you’ll have to catch a high-speed train which won’t take longer than thirty minutes. Try to make it a day trip instead of staying the night because it is a sweet place but won’t extract a lot of your time. Toledo is a walled city with many medieval monuments, and one must-see attraction is the impeccable architecture of Toledo Cathedral.
  6. Overnight fame: Although travelers love Girona for its medieval architecture, the city wasn’t as famous before the launch of a much-loved TV drama series. The reputation of this TV show surpasses the popularity of the location. However, the shooting of multiple scenes of the show made Girona a famous place. You should visit the Girona Cathedral which is also the most comprehensive display of Gothic representations in the world, and take a walk by the Onyar River.



Now you have six major destinations that you must visit while in Spain. Sometimes, the laid-back attitude that you’re so fond of will bite you back, as the shops have minimum store hours. Don’t let it bother you and flow with the carefree vibes of Espana.

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