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Ever experienced or thought about how to deal with workplace bullying? Well, bullying is a problem that many working professionals face these days. It is more prevalent in the workplace than in educational institutions. At a young age what takes place between friends is most of the time merely teasing somebody for having fun, and there is no intention to hurt anyone. But at the workplace, all are adults and are completely aware of their actions and the consequences of the same. Bullying is more prevalent here, so you must be aware of how to deal with workplace bullying

Confront Whoever Is Bullying You

Confront the person who is bullying you in a steady and firm manner. When he is shouting or uttering bad words, or even throws something at you, make the others aware of speaking in a slightly loud manner. A cool yet a fitting reply to his baseless allegations or discomforting mockery will also be effective. Confronting the person solves much of the problem as it is a signal to the bully that you have not weakened.

Give Your Best to Your Work

If you do your job with full efficiency and do not give your boss the scope of finding flaws, you will shield yourself from bullying in a better way. Bullying a person does not seem justified if he is efficient and is doing his work with full focus and concentration.  Remember that you got into the company due to your skills, so concentrate on improving them. If you perform better, you will prove to all your bullies that you are not a person of words but actions.

Don’t Get Emotional and Don’t Blame Yourself

Don’t make the mistake of getting too emotional over the thing that you are facing. Being too much perturbed will result in the bullies taking pleasure in it. So don’t let their objective be fulfilled. Also, you will feel more confident and will be able to think of a possible solution more quickly if you don’t lose your cool. You must also not think that it is your fault. Whatever is wrong, it is the person who is bullying you. So don’t lose your confidence and don’t think you are incompetent, just keep yourself strong.

Educate yourself on the situation

You must also educate yourself on bullying, to find out how you can deal with it. Learn about your company’s policies on improper behavior and laws associated with the occupation regarding such cases of bullying. The knowledge of the laws will help you to know what steps you can take in unbearable situations. Read inspirational stories of successful people who had to face similar problems. The more you know the better will you be able to deal with it. So read about how to deal with workplace bullying from various sources.

Build a Support Base among Co-Workers

Also, try to build a support base among your co-workers by building a relationship with them. In situations when you might face bullying, they are very likely to support you and may even speak in your favor too. When you have support, you will automatically be encouraged to speak out and protest any bullying. They will also give you helpful advice on how to deal with workplace bullying. So the support of your co-workers is extremely essential in this situation.

Documenting everything is important

You must put down in writing whatever is happening with you. It will help you to show it whenever the case goes over to the HR and they ask any for written account of what exactly had happened. You must include names of any witness who was present during any incident of bullying. Also, try to find out if the same person is causing a similar problem to other colleagues. If there is anyone, discuss with him about how he is dealing with it. You can file the complaint together to the HR as well.

Inform the management and HR

If you are not getting any positive results by trying to resolve the matter by yourself, go ahead and notify the management. The HR department takes care of the problems that employees face, so talk to them. File an official complaint about the person and give evidence of any harm caused by the bully. The evidence has to be concrete enough to give you substantial results.

Consider taking Moral support from a close friend or counselor

Sharing the problems that you are facing will lighten your burden as well as give you effective solutions. A friend, who is close enough, will understand your problem and advise you accordingly about how to deal with workplace bullying. The friend knows you and will give you the ideal advice according to her view about the matter. Also, you can consult a counselor. The counselor will give you appropriate advice since he or she is trained in dealing with similar problems faced by other people.


If you keep in mind the above few points, you will know how to deal with workplace bullying that you might face. So don’t panic and go ahead with these steps on how to deal with workplace bullying. You must remember that you are not the weak person that your bully thinks you to be. Everyone has an inner strength, and it needs to come out whenever one faces any humiliation or injustice.

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