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Is your friend trying to change the way you look? Well, even if he pressurizes, you need not succumb to his tactics. In other words, you should know how to deal with peer pressure. The man is the maker of his destiny. The age-old saying does have its relevance. You can make or mar your future, but for that, you should be firm, confident and categorical. Do remember, it is one thing to modify your behavior and yet another thing to succumb to pressurizing tactics.

  • Learn to say no

Judge the request that your class friend is making. He may be asking for assistance. On the other hand, he may be asking you to do a thing that is injurious to your interest. In case of the latter, dismiss the offer, once and for all. Say no with authority. If you are not forceful and categorical, you are likely to be bugged, even further. So, don’t avoid eye contact when negating his request.

  • Ask questions repetitively

You know that the pressure tactic is being employed to lead you astray. So, why at all should you fall a willing prey to his persuasive behavior. For instance, a pal may persuade you to smoke. You are aware of the ills of smoking. In that case, ask him directly about the disadvantages of smoking. Pinpoint that the prospect is going to jeopardize his health, as well.

  • Make a statement which is positive

You may not like the way your friend dresses up. Of late, you find him talking heaps about his unique style statement. He may be fond of gunshot jeans, but you have no flair for the same. If he pressurizes, then, you have to say something positive about your dressing sense. Say, that you are comfortable with the stuff that you wear, and you are in no mind about following his footsteps. Besides turning down the offer, you should also state a thing or two about your manner of dressing.

  • Repeatedly state your approach

You know where you stand. At no time, you should deviate from that position. Instead, your focus should be on harping that you have not the slightest desire to change your line of thinking. Occasionally, you have to be repetitive. Only then, the peer will understand that his persuasive tactic is not going to work out.

  • Treat the matter as a joke

If you are used to cutting jokes and making fun of tricky situation; then, there is nothing like it. You can use your trait, to your advantage. In that way, you can disprove the offer, with your sense of humor. Instead of reacting, turn the request that you have received into a thing that is worth being laughed at.

  • Be evasive

Avoid situations which are not to your liking. The focus should be on finding a zone that is safe and comfortable. If you know that a certain group of guys is going to bug you; then, you should avoid situations where they are going to be there.

  • Make an exit

It is not sensible to give into pressurizing ploys and tactics. But you may find yourself in a situation where friends and colleagues force you into adopting a certain mode of behavior. You have little or no interest in changing your approach. Since you are present in the scenario, you may think that you have precious little to do. None can force you to stay in the scene. Just find out the exit routes and make proper use of those.

  • Cleverly change the topic

You may not know how to deal with the pressurizing tactic. But if it is not to your liking, then, you have the freedom to talk on a subject matter which is entirely different. In that way, you can put out a feeler that you have no interest in the matter which is being discussed presently. If you change the topic, the presenter will at least, know that you are not going to respond to his offers, in a positive way.

  • Create your friend circle

Mix with the like-minded people whom you know are not going to pressurize you negatively. For instant, you may not be fond of drinking. In that case, party with friends who are teetotalers. At the most, go out with those who are moderate drinkers. By sticking to your friend circle, you can avoid unsavory situations.

  • Look for role models

You should look for role models who are going to influence your life, in a positive manner. Follow the footsteps of people who have achieved notable milestones, through their grit, tenacity, and determination.

Always keep your eyes on the consequences

There are occasions when a bully may succeed in winning you over to his desired line of action. Before following him blindly and giving in to the pressure, think about the long-term results that such a move is likely to generate. Think how the action is going to impact your life.  If you are sensible enough to take note of the consequences, then, you will think twice before giving in to the peer pressure.

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