Crawling workouts are the latest trend. Move over twerking, jogging and naked yoga. Fitness enthusiasts across the globe are going gaga over crawling. Dr. Anil Patil, Wellness, and yoga guru state that crawling is a fun exercise that is gaining popularity because of its core strength building feature. Fitness expert, Ali Mirza promotes crawling exercise because it enhances coordination between the upper and lower body. It improves multi-joint movements.

Where did the Craze Start?

The craze for crawling began in Zhengzhou, China. People were seen crawling on parks wearing gloves. Chinese believe that this trend originated in the Han Dynasty, nearly 2000 years ago. It has its root in Chinese medicine.

Crawling and its Different Types

Learning how to crawl is no mean feat. Depending on your core strength and fitness level, you will be assigned one of the following crawling styles:

Baby Crawl: If you are a beginner, then this one is for you. It is one of the most fundamental patterns. As a baby, keep your four points of contact with the ground and crawl forward.

Bear Crawl: Once you master the baby crawl, it is time to take things a notch higher. You have to be on your hands and knees. Make sure to lift your knees off the ground while balancing yourself on your toes. Move your opposite knee and one hand forward simultaneously while you crawl.

Army Crawl: Start off with a forearm plank position. Move forward with the help of your forearms. Don’t use your legs to go ahead.

Inchworm Crawl: Here you need to stand with your feet placed side by side. Now bend forward, put your hands on the ground so that it is near to your feet. You have to walk forward using your hands but make sure that your feet are in the exact position. Now walk in a way so that your feet reach your hands. Keep your hands where they are so that you end up in a forward bend position.

Crab Crawl: In this, you need to sit in a way so that your legs are bent and spread at the same time. Place your feet on the ground and wrap your palms behind you with the fingertips in a forward position. You need to lift both your butt and hips off the ground while you balance yourself on your hands and feet. Try to crawl by moving forward backward and side by side just like a crab.

Spiderman Crawl: An advanced form of exercise, begin with the bear crawl. Move your foot forward first and then your hand. Make sure your body is in touch with the ground while your spine remains longs. Crawl in the forward direction.

Beware of the Side Effects:

It is better to practice this exercise under expert guidance because your entire body weight rests on your arms and feet. If there is a little bit of miscalculation, you will end up hurting your back.

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