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Are you aware of the health benefits of carrots? Well, before learning how to cook carrots, you should also know that this particular vegetable that is available almost all through the year boosts digestion, adds to your skin’s luster and helps maintain the shine on your hair.

A nutritious vegetable

The vegetable that happens to be a storehouse of antioxidants and vitamins is good for your eyesight, as well. From chomping them raw to getting them baked, roasted and glazed, you can have the crunchy and crispy carrots, in different ways. If you look forward to relishing the natural sweetness of carrots, try out one of the following recipes.

  • Slow sautéed carrots

This slow sautéing procedure enhances the natural sweetness of carrots. For this sautéed recipe, you need about two pounds of peeled carrot. Slice carrots in a diagonal way. Cover the sliced pieces in water. Sprinkle a dash of pepper before bringing the sliced pieces to boil. Allow the water to evaporate. Now, use a blob of butter for sautéing. Continue sautéing for two to three minutes. Sprinkle salt, as well as, pepper. Garnish sautéed carrots with chopped parsley.

  • A delectable preparation

While learning how to cook carrots, you cannot just miss out on carrot halwa that features on the must-have list of every Indian.  “Gajar ka halwa’ happens to be a delicacy of the oriental cuisine. For this, you need grated carrots. Use a pound or two of grated carrots. Pat them dry. After that, you have to sauté the carrots in clarified butter. Once the shallow frying procedure gets over, you have to add condensed milk. Use nuts and cardamom for garnishing.

  • Carrots simmered in milk

For this, also you have to use grated carrots that have been patted dry. Keep simmering the carrot in milk. Make sure that the carrot absorbs the entire quantity of milk or condensed milk that has been added. Add sugar according to your taste. Infuse the dessert that looks rich red and creamy with cardamom powder. Use almond, cashew nuts or pistachios for the purpose of garnishing.

  • Prepare a nourishing drink

If you are wondering how to cook carrots, then, you should surely know how to line up this super and delicious health drink. For this, you need thin slices of carrots. Cut the vegetable into 7cm strips. Add the thin strips in boiling water. Make sure that the vegetable boils in the water. Leave the stuff for cooling. Now, add salt, as well as, mustard powder to the carrot water mixture. Transfer the mixture to a jar because, next, you have to expose the content to the sun. Contact with the sunlight for about three to four days will ensure the process of maturing. The color will change from orange to red with the completion of the maturing process. Remove the jar from the sunlight. The juice is now ready to be served.

  • Roast carrots in oven

If you want to add to the yummy sweetness of carrots, and at the same time, enjoy its savory flavors; then, try out the following recipe. First, preheat your oven to four hundred degree Fahrenheit. Cut carrot into diagonal pieces. Smear the diagonally cut pieces with olive oil (2 tablespoons), ground cinnamon, (½ teaspoon), two garlic cloves, sugar, salt and cumin powder. Roast, or bake the prepared mixture in the oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, remove the baking tray. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into the prepared mixture. Use raisins and chopped parsleys for garnishing.

  • Make a delectable sandwich spread

You can use this crispy and crunchy vegetable to make coleslaw. Use two grated carrots besides, chopped onions, grapes, half a cup of shredded cabbage, one tablespoon of parsley, two hundred fifty grams of grapes to prepare the coleslaw. After combining the fruits and vegetable, prepare the seasoning. For that, heat oil. Add parsley, mustard seeds and poppy to the heated oil. Once the oil mixture cools, add vinegar to the same. You can also add a tablespoon of apple juice to the oil mixture. Now pour the mix that you have prepared over the coleslaw. Then, you can use the combination for stuffing wraps or as a spread over bread slices.

  • Make pancakes with carrots

For this, you have to combine sifted flour with grated carrots. Then, use milk and water for making the batter. The batter should be moderately thick of the flowing consistency. As per your taste, you can use sugar. But if you want to give a salty tang to the pancakes, you can include salt, grated ginger, chopped tomatoes and coriander in the batter that you have prepared.

You have several options

Carrot renders itself to different sorts of preparations. From soups to salads, smoothies, muffins, pancakes and risotto; you can use this red and luscious vegetable in different culinary variations. Now that you know how to cook carrots, at least in six different ways, you will not mind treating your friends and family members so that they all can enjoy the wholesome goodness of carrots.

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