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Are you among those people who hate flying? Are you scared of flying and do not like the idea of sitting on the flight and traveling through the air? Then this course is definitely for you. This is a British Airways program that they are arranging for last 30 long years. In this program, they wish to help those who are scared of the idea of flying and never wish to sit on the flights. In some cases, people have to take flights but feel their heart coming out from their mouth when they flight take off.

This special program is intended to help those terrified travelers who need some mental strength to overcome their fear and have a safe and enjoyable journey on the sky.

The Name Revels Everything

The name of this course is The Flying With Confidence Course, and it reveals everything. The main motto of the program is to make you feel confident about your journey through the flight. You need to understand that flying is not a risky task, and nothing would happen to you physically, mentally or emotionally while flying until you have certain health issues.

Helping More And More People

The program has helped more than 50 thousand people so far. It was started on August 17, 1986. Leeds-Bradford airport in West Yorkshire was the first place where British Airways have started this course to help the people who have the phobia of flying.

There were BA pilots who were keen to offer some help to those panicking passengers. They like to have them a feeling of comfort and trust through a one-day flight experience from which they can become familiar with the entire matter of flying. In such way, they can overcome their fear to some extent and feel comfortable in their next flights.

Experience The Adventure Of Air Travel

BA Captain Steve Allright is the course leader and involved in this program since 1992. According to him, air travel is the most adventurous and remarkable type of traveling that everyone should enjoy. This can offer you a great opportunity to travel through the air which is itself a fascinating idea.

Now, this course is offered all over the Europe as well as the airports that are located across the global network of British Airways. The course includes seminars where experienced pilots talk about some technical aspects regarding the noise or the turbulence which are the most common factors of triggering the panic or the fear among the people. They teach some breathing exercises as well.

After that, the course offers some techniques to feel relaxed and manage the anxiety that one may feel during the air travel.

The one day course ends with a 45 to 60-minute flight session. A BA Airbus A320 Jet is used to offer that ride with some dedicated and skilled crew. The main aim of this session is to help the participants have the practical experience to match the theories. The rate of success is 98%, which is quite impressive. The course fee is £215.

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