Newlyweds Issues

Are you the newlywed couple who is facing minor complications post wedlock? Everyone does because marriage comes with its unique connotations. As much as you have planned the perfect wedding but the real planning is to be done post one to make it last. Marriage is certainly one life-changing event for the both life-changing you must know that with every chocolate pastry you get calories as well. All you have to do is have it in moderation. The five most common problems that couples face have been broken down below.

  1. In-Laws

    The most common stereotype of a marital life is to deal with your in-laws. You are aware of the Whats and Hows of interacting and dealing with them in stressful situations. However, post-wedding there stays a possibility of personality clashing. The absence of having an open dialogue aggravates the situation.

  2. Finances

    You will often find yourselves arguing and disagreeing over finances with your spouse. There are arguments on shopping sprees, big vacations, any major buys like a car or a house and all the like. Small little trifles are sure to follow regarding the spending habits that both of you possess.

  3. Things becoming difficult

    This is probably the most common problem that happens to couples after marriage. Little things that were adorable to you once and you liked about your partner are no more endearing but in fact get on your nerves. Each of you has questions in your mind if it is the same person you clung to before marriage.

  4. Managing schedules and time

    After having been pronounced man and wife you are expected to spend all the time together and these crop issues. Since either of you becomes too clingy and this makes you resenting one another. All your friendships outside marriage take a backseat, and it is just the two of you all the time.

  5. House chores

    Many couples are greeted with shocks when they start to live together as a wedded duo. A common problem that is mostly found after marriages are the division of work especially the ones related to household work. Both of you forget to keep things fair and make little contributions regarding chores.

Hail Marry

You always count on the list of bliss ignoring that you confront rashes and realities every day. It is just a phase that shall pass on with time, and you shall certainly adjust to the post-nuptial aftershocks days and weeks differently. The period of adjustment is certainly a killer as there are bound to be rocky moments where you never feel like making one. However, you shall acquaint yourself with the fact that marriage is nothing but two perfectly imperfect people who deny giving up on each other.


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