With school year winding down, most parents have finally the time for reflecting on year that went by and the one they left behind. While they try to concentrate on summer activities yet between fun and schoolwork there is a very inevitable aspect of growing that is not-so-great. This is called bullying. Although preventing the efforts of bullying always focuses on high schools and the middle ones yet the behavior of bullying begins at a quite young age. According to some developers and researchers, it begins to start at by four. Hurtful behavior emerges for those that significantly differ. There are instances of refusal in playing, falsely accusing, pushing others aside, threatening and making mean faces. Here is when parents need to butt in. This is how they should help the kids.

Encouraging communication

Many surveys have reported that children that got bullied never really report it, at least more than sixty percent of them. It is thus have to be understood that if kids do not share and feel lonely especially after they have received messages that generate a feeling of diminished or demeaned then there can be problems. When parents communicate children open up and they react. You as a parent shall help them understand that no matter what situations exist, everything shall be handles with care. All parents have to be patient listeners.

Promoting leadership

Teaching the skills of leadership helps children as individuals and in groups. Whenever children exhibit loyalty, good judgment and kindness, they are capable in creating positive home and school climate. Children have to be given responsibilities from a young age, expected to speak to truth, show patience, be polite and exhibit character that is good, leads the way in developing respectful citizens. They eventually become citizens of the digital future including empathy and embracing regard for others and self. Leadership can often become the anti-bully thus these behaviors have to be modeled.

Applauding resilience

Recognizing abilities for handling situations on one’s own poses to be really helpful. Bad situations can have silver linings because they make anyone feel proud and powerful. Parents need to be present as mentor and a safety net besides the cheering section. It is always best starting young because resilience goes a long way. Children have always thrived once they know that they have an adult by their side that is interested that helps in offering reminders like “this shall soon pass”, positivity and respect.

Making positive differences in the lives

Parents must make every effort to coach children learn some social skills while also support the friendships. Hence, you must be in an important pedestal for dealing with all kinds of peer problems. Social skills can be thus improved for beating emotional consequences that are adverse.

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