Wooden Furniture

Do you look for Home Improvement all the time, and thus want to make the wood furniture shine like a mirror? Despite you dusting and wiping the wood chairs and tables set with the passage of time dust gathers on them. Dust and polishes combine only to leave dark films on shelves, chairs and tables. The furniture has to be dusted each to remove dirt and if you are ready to have light soiling removed then one must start with gentlest of cleaners and gradually move to the stronger ones. This must happen as the need of yours arises. There are so many ways you can clean both the new as well as the old furniture without any hassles. Here is how you can without having the wood finish damaged.

  • The cleaners

Furniture cleaning is an advanced step of Home Improvement and thus you must start a soon as you can. Right from the gentle cleaners to the strongest one, you must incorporate both as and when the need arises. The solution must be mixed with soap for dishwashing. A soft cloth has to be dipped into the solution, then it has to be wringed out and the entire piece has to be wiped out. This is because you do not need a wet cloth but a damp one. The wood must not be saturated and the cloth has to be rinsed often. After wiping is done, A second cloth must be taken, preferably clean, for thoroughly drying the piece.

  • Removing old polish

An antique in your study can be revitalized provided you know the technique to get rid of an old polish buildup. In a pan of boiling water, tea bags have to be steeped in. after the tea has boiled enough, it must be cooled well. A soft cloth has to be taken and wrung out in the tea mixture. This shall make the cloth damp and help you in wiping the wood. Tannic acid in tea is the most wonderful thing that helps maintain wood furniture. The wood sparkles and not just shine.

  • Removing stains of water

Toothpaste that is non-gel must be applied to the visible spots that you can find. There are water rings on the table where you may put the cold or hot drinks directly hence rub those spots with a cloth that is soft and the toothpaste. If they are stubborn then equal parts of toothpaste as well as baking soda need to be mixed. The toothpaste has to be wiped Clean with dry and damp cloth thoroughly.

  • Erasing difficult marks

For removing any kind of ink mark you can use a teaspoon of water with baking soda. This mixture makes a thin runny paste. This paste has to be applied on stains with a soft cloth and rubbed gently until stains completely disappear.

Keeping inherited possessions

The furniture may be bought by you or it can also be inherited hence it is advisable that once they have been wiped clean you must coat it with a wood polish layer. This helps in adding shine besides preserving the finish. When you employ these methods mentioned above, your possessions look lovely for a longer time.


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