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Are you a pet owner? Then, you should also know how to care for a pregnant dog. Throughout the gestation period which spans across fifty-five to seventy-two days, the dog needs proper care and attention. As you look forward to raising a new litter of pups, make sure that the soon-to-be mom eats nourishing food and resides in a quiet and cozy atmosphere.

  • Prenatal care is of utmost importance

At no time, you will like your treasured pet to give birth to puppies who suffer from serious diseases. These tend to transfer from the pregnant dogs to puppies. Vaccination serves as a shield of security. Before the dog starts with the breeding process, get it vaccinated. Have a word with the consulting veterinarian and check out if the vaccination schedule has been completed. The vet will also check out if the dog is suffering from any kind of hereditary diseases. Many dogs suffer from the heartworm microfilaria. Vets recommend an appropriate preventative procedure during the prenatal stage.

  • Taking the vet’s advice is a must

If you think that the dog is pregnant, then, line up a visit to the clinic. The vet will calculate the expected date of delivery and give you suggestions regarding the use of medications. Some of the medications cause birth defect. So, you should know which all medicines to avoid and which all to administer to a pregnant dog. For instance, you may need to administer a particular dewormer to the dog. With the vet’s advice, you get to know that the worm-removing medication is to be administered during the concluding quarter of pregnancy.

  • Avoid the following

The pain alleviating medications including those sold over the counter should be avoided. Similarly, a pregnant dog should not be vaccinated. If vaccines are overdue, and the dog is found to be pregnant, consult the veterinary surgeon. Similarly, if the dog is used to a certain series of medications, discontinue those, if you find her to be pregnant. Here again, you should go according to the advice given by your consulting veterinarian.

  • Provide it with the correct level of nutrition

Buy the food package that has undergone the feeding test. In that way, you can be sure that the food is wholesome and nutritious. During pregnancy, the focus should be providing the canine with the right level of nutritious. Having balanced nutrition is of paramount importance. So, you can avoid giving homemade food as that may not have the nutritional balance that is necessary during gestation. Instead, you should find high-quality packaged food for your pregnant dog.  Particularly, during the fifth and sixth weeks of pregnancy, the canine needs food that has an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral.

  • Gradually increase the food intake

As said previously, you should be particular about providing it with the right level of nutrition during the fifth and sixth week. At this stage, the quantum of food should be increased by twenty to twenty-five percent, from what it was receiving during the initial days. Throughout the period, you should increase the nutritional intake, gradually. As it reaches the eighth and the ninth week of pregnancy, the intake has to be increased by another twenty to twenty-five percent. In all, it should be eating fifty percent more than what she was used to before pregnancy.

  • Give her frequent meals

In the course of one or two meals, it may not be possible to satisfy the nutritional requirements of a pregnant dog. So, what you can do is divide her mealtime and provide her with food, at regular intervals. In that way, the nutritional quota will be fulfilled. Leave the dog feed in a container, at a known corner. In that way, she will have the free access to food throughout the day. If you think of administering her with a nutritional supplement, then do so, with the advice of your vet.

  • Importance of exercising

Chalk out a suitable exercising plan. Here again, the vet’s advice will prove to be handy. Remember, during pregnancy, you should not exert your dog, beyond a point. Particularly, from the sixth week, you should be extremely cautious about not exerting the female. If it is found resting, let it relax and rest. Don’t force it into working or playing, unless she is willing to do these exercises. But enjoy your regular walks, in the company of your beloved pet. There is no harm in undertaking low-intensity activities such as walking.

Some more things to do

As a proud pet owner, you won’t mind providing the expecting mom with a safe and clean shelter which she can use for giving birth to the cute little pups. Arrange for the box meant for helping as she nears her expected date. There is one more thing to do, as the day of delivery approaches. Ensure that she doesn’t come in contact with the other dogs or pups that are there in your locality. Remember that she is fiercely possessive of her pups. So, you need to safeguard those as well, from stray animals.

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