Who says that you need a truck of cash to plan gorgeous nuptials? You can always have a grand affair without being overly extravagant. To arrange a wedding that shall be etched in the minds of people makes everyone go broke. This is the new trend that is driving individuals crazy, and thus the marriage industry is a booming business. You can always make your wedding reception a simpleton yet classy affair without going overboard. Here is how you can.

No wedding gifts but marriage help

This is the best idea in case you are planning for a frugal wedding. All your friends who are dab hands at photography, catering or music ask them to help you. This way you will have a photographer for the wedding and a musical accompaniment to entertain guests. You will also have caterers without having to hire one. You are only aligning talents instead of gifts.

wedding_guestsNo guest list bloating

This is the first time you are tying the wedding knot, and it is but natural to be tempted to throw in everyone’s names. This is usually not a good idea. To save your money always try and invite fewer people and make the affair more intimate.

Holding ceremony outdoors or homes

Renting a function or business hall can get too expensive. Hence consider utilizing the backyard of your house, the large rooftops or the indoors of your house. A public park with a magnificent view in the background is also great.

Fewer flowers, please

Instead of shelling out boatloads of cash on flowers that shall perish post reception try keeping it simple. For instance, a rose for every bridesmaid or a little bouquet for the bride is beautiful. The best and the cheapest idea could also be using fake flowers.

Making own invitations

With a sturdy and reliable home printer, you can always make classy invitations all by yourself. It should have simple text and a classic font. There are also some online portals that offer to make the cheapest wedding invitations.

Buying dresses from sales

Try not to burn multiple holes in your pocket by purchasing something extremely couture as your marriage dress. If you have to buy dresses for bridesmaids, you can always purchase them from ongoing sales.

Stop breaking the bank

Marriage is just a ceremony where two individuals share vows to be together for a lifetime. Imagine if they end up spending their entire life’s savings to make this wedding a grand affair then what shall be left. With these nifty little ideas and hacks, your wedding event is sure to impress everyone. Enjoy the ceremony and do not put all the eggs in one basket. Hence, plan a wedding that is budget friendly and does not burn a hole in your pocket as well as your lives.


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