Famed Hollywood director cum producer Brett Ratner is selling his prized collection related to Hollywood. He has claimed that he has around 15,000 separate pieces of collection items. He has huge stores full of these objects. All of them have some kind of special memory attached to them. They have all been either used on the sets of famous films or are objects that have been owned by the movie stars. Around 100 items from the collection will be auctioned. This is being done for the benefit of the Museum of Tolerance and Simon Wiesenthal Center. Mr. Ratner is one of the board members of the Jewish Human Rights Organization. They are collecting the money for the benefit of the common people. He has decided to contribute the money accumulated through the auction process.

Some Real Rare Collections

There are some very rare collections that are really a treasure to part with. One of the most attractive collections is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe clicked by Richard Avedon. This photograph is from 1957 in the city of New York. There is a clapboard that was used in the famous Hollywood movie, “X-Men”. There is another front page of a newspaper prepared for the movie “Raising Arizona” in 1987. The auction is scheduled to begin on the 21st of November. The process will be carried out through online mode of auction. The job has been entrusted to Paddle 8.

He Has Continued His Collection Habits

Mr. Ratner has got into the habit of collecting items since long. He had started even before his direction of the film “Rush Hour” that had given him huge profits. It was a global earner. He had never stopped the habit of collecting and he went on with it even after he started producing films. He has very recently produced the famous documentaries of “Before the Flood” which had Leonardo DiCaprio and “Bright Lights” that had Carrie Fisher along with Debbie Reynolds. He has been collecting items from all these sets.

Mr. Ratner is Sad to Part with His Favorite Collections

The volume of items that are being auctioned is only a fraction of Mr. Ratner’s total memorabilia. But he is really grieved as he has to part with his favorite collection items. This is the first time that he would be auctioning his stuff and really found it difficult to decide on the objects that are to be put up for auction.

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