Brad Pitt seems to be amid a lot of controversies now. The famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be probably splitting due to filing for divorce by Jolie. The popular Hollywood couple was affectionately called as Brangelina by the fans. It came as a shock to many people as they were viewed to be one of the happiest couples in the Hollywood. Now some more insight from the news is coming up. Brad Pitt has been booked for child-abuse and FBI is investigating the matter. It has become serious issue and has attracted news headlines from the world over.

Occurred on Their Private Jet

According to sources, about a week back or so Angelina and Pitt were travelling on their private jet when the incident occurred. The flight was travelling from France to the U.S. The incident is being investigated by FBI based on the aircraft jurisdiction of the nation of United States. It is out of the jurisdiction of the Department of Children and Family Services and has now been referred to FBI. Now the Investigation Bureau is trying to collect all facts for the purpose of the investigation to find out the real outcome. Child abuse is a serious crime and is dealt with strong hands in the U.S.

A Witness Had Seen The Incident Happen

As per sources Brad Pitt had verbally abused the children first followed by physically abusing them. It is also alleged that the actor was completely drunk when he had committed these acts. Angelina and Pit were travelling with their 6 children when the incident occurred. After this incident occurred Angelina had approached the court filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. The witness of the incidents from the tarmac of the airport had provided the clue to what had actually happened within the flight and the referral of the case to the FBI.

Jolie Has Claimed Sole Custody of Children

Sources also reveal that after the incident occurred, he tried to get away from the spot on a fuel truck of the airport. The reasons for the divorce which has been filed state irreconcilable differences”. Jolie has sought the custody of all the six children. She does not want Pitt to be a joint custodian but only be given the right to visit his children. As per the attorney, Jolie has taken this harsh decision for the betterment of the family and the future of the kids. Neither Jolie nor Brad Pitt was found to give an answer to our questions.

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