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Blocked sewer drains can be one of the worst nightmares faced by any homeowner. They are definitely inconvenient but to add to this, these are disgusting too. Besides the odor emitting from these blocked drains, you find germs just ‘floating’ around.

Homeowners face this nuisance at least once in their lifetime. You need to be aware that you have to ensure that this problem is sorted out without wasting any time. This can be done if you are aware of the many reasons for sewer drains being blocked.

What’s Blocking Your Sewer Drain?

1. Plants and Trees:

Roots from different trees growing in the surrounding are attracted towards drains due to the factors of moisture and humidity. To ensure, you do not face this problem, you need to make sure the outside area is clean on a regular basis. Depending on the number of leaves falling around, you can schedule a cleanup every month or probably every week in accordance with the situation. This can prevent you from facing this problem of blocked sewer drains.

Tree Roots

2. Hair:

Hair, even a small amount falling each day can lead to blocked sewer drains. You need to ensure you remove even the small amount on a daily basis so that the line is not clogged. Make sure to wear gloves for this job of removing hair from the drains.

Hair Clogs

3. Toiletries:

It is common for most homeowners to dispose of the baby wipes or nappies down the drain. This is where the problem starts. You need to be aware of the fact that these items tend to enlarge when immersed in water, as they absorb all the moisture. To eliminate the problems of blocked sewer drain apt disposal of these items is necessary. They should be disposed of in the garbage.

4. Pipe Damage:

There are chances of the sewer pipes being ruptured or even breaking. This means the sewage is not able to drain through the specific system, leading to blocked sewer drains. These sewer pipes break due to corrosion, shifting soil, using heavy equipment just above the drain or even leaking joints. This means a homeowner needs to get the sewer pipes inspected regularly, avoiding this blocked sewer drains problem.

Pipe Damage

5. Grease:

A little carelessness can lead to the buildup of grease in the sewer lines. Normally, due to laziness, most homeowners tend to let the grease or the fat flow into the drains. With the passing of time, this can cause a buildup and you head for serious trouble with the blocked sewer drains. Professionals’ advice on eliminating putting butter, cooking oil, and mayonnaise besides leftovers of sandwiches or cheeseburgers down the drain.

Warning Signs of Blocked Sewer Drains:

Few warning signs, which can indicate the major problem of blocked sewer drains, are listed below. Taking immediate steps to rectify this can eliminate bigger hassles.

#1. Blocking of multiple fixtures can happen due to a major block in the sewer drain. Getting this sorted out can eliminate the headaches associated with blocked sewer drains.

#2. A drain located in the lowest level of the house is blocked on a frequent basis, which indicates a major sewer block. Getting it cleared with the help of professionals is eliminating the larger problem beforehand.

#3. There are times when you experience a strange sort of reactions when using the different fixtures, like the toilet water bubbling, water back up when flushing or probably a gurgling sound when the toilet is flushing. A professional can diagnose the problem immediately, as these are a few symptoms indicating sewer problems.

Listing a plumber in your phonebook is an essential requirement. Ensure that you look for well-reputed plumbing services. Experience and qualifications need to be given a priority.

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