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Dinner followed by a movie?  That is your idea of a romantic date! There’s nothing wrong with this kind of date, but it is also so predictable. And can be so boring. Yawn. Spice up your date with some fun romantic ideas. Reignite date with these creative ideas. End up dating outside the box.

Let us discuss the beginning of a new relationship with ideas for romantic dates.

Go out and spend time

If both of you are lovers of art, then you can go on a museum date. It is arty, and you get to stare at unique things together. Go on a dinner date and see a movie together. This is an all time classic, favorite idea for a romantic date.

Enjoy a walk

Go on a long walk together. Explore the nature as you trudge along the way together. Collect interesting items on the way. They may be flowers, leaves or stones. Draw some sketches. Make a scrapbook of your memories.

Picnic, opera, club – pick your choice

Pack up an old-fashioned picnic and go on a picnic date together. Take some music, plenty of delicious snacks, gourmet sodas and a blanket. Go to a club together and spend the time away dancing. Go to the opera together. Dress up for the occasion and have some fun enjoying the show.

Berry picking together

Ask your partner to join you for strawberry, blueberry or apple picking together. Fruit packing is fun, and you may end up been involved in a playful date. Prepare a fruit pie at the end with all the fruits you collected.

Long drive or long horseback ride

Go horseback riding together. You might end up falling from the horses, but it will be fun altogether. Go to a beach together and enjoy the sound of waves and sunset. Go on a boat ride together. It is the same thing as going on a long drive except the medium is different.

Nature appreciation followed by some quality time

If you are early risers, then go and watch a spectacular sunrise together. Swim with the dolphins. You will have a fun time together. Go to a hardware store and get some carpentry stuff. Build a cabinet together. You get to spend quality time with each other.

Join an activity class

Participate in a fun, tango class together. It is an activity workout with loads of fun. The element of romance is also there. If it is freezing temperature outside and is snowing go and build a snowman together.

Volunteer work together

You may end up getting closer to each other by giving back something to the community. You will end up with a sense of inner peace. Go and do some volunteer works in an elderly home or an animal shelter or you may want to serve food to the homeless. Choose a volunteer activity which is meaningful to both of you, and both of you will be bonding with each other.

Musical Convention

Take your date to your hometown. Show him where you grew up. Wait in line for the new iPhone to be launched. It is going to be a long wait, and you will end up spending time together. Check out a convention in the nearby convention center. There might be some musical conventions going on at that time.

Explore the city

Go out on a day trip. Have a look at the landmarks together and explore the city. Go and spend your time outdoors. Kayaking is a great activity. Get tickets to a stand-up comedy show. A good comedy show will crack you up and keep you in a cheerful mood throughout the evening.

Wine tasting

Make reservations for a romantic dinner cruise. Go to a vineyard and try wine tasting together. Alternatively, you may opt for cheese tasting or chocolate tasting together. It is not only attractive but a sensual experience overall.

Concert in the Park

Check out and see if there is any concert going on in the arena. Otherwise, you may want to check if any local band is playing that evening. Watch them playing at the nearby park and then end up with a nice dinner.

Spend time among vibrant flowers in botanical gardens

See a drive-in movie together. It is another all time favorite to many; only you get to spend time in the car. Go to the botanical gardens. Vibrant flowers all around make for a romantic outing. Go to a zoo. See all those wild animals in captivity.

Cook up something together

Prepare a dinner for two together. Browse through your cookbooks and find something delectable to cook. Make the necessary purchases, and you may end up in a cooking expedition together. It may be like having a messy affair, but it is worth the trouble.

Enjoy your date by going out of the comfort zone

Choose a romantic partner and go out on a date. Break out from your comfort zone when you are going out on a date. Put your cell phone on the silent mode and go and have some fun. Try to make sure that there is no stress during the time you have set aside for the date.

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