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Does the jewelry lover in you often search for the Beginners guide to jewelry making? Handcrafted jewelry can be a very lucrative and creative occupation. Right from simple designs to complex ones both can be demanding from people. However, it is very much possible to learn about them in a very short time. All, you need beside you are the necessary supplies and some guides. You will require tools, threading materials and beads and special tools. Tools like polishing devices, torches, cutters, and all kinds of pliers are great things to start with. Here is how you can make jewelry.

Tools One Needs to Know About

Jewelry making essentially includes knowing about the many tools that help you create your first piece and here they are as follows.

  • Wire cutters

These cutters help penetrate through both soft and hard metal and reused to cutting pins to suitable sizes. They are also used to cut an even chain and threading material One with the spring handle are the most preferable and they are very powerful little tools.

  • Nose pliers (Round)

Graduated and tapered cones make up for the nose pliers. They are used for making of loops and can be helpful in making large to small loops.

  • Flat pliers

These fliers are very akin to the variety of the chain nose and have jaws to provide grip. They also have more grip owing to the surface area that is great.

  • Pliers with chain nose

The chain pliers hold great importance for straightening and bending the wires. It is used for closing and opening jump-rings and is quite similar to pliers with round nose.

The Jewelry Making


You must know that it is not at all necessary to spend a fortune on making jewelry instead there are many beading kits available and as a starter, you can use them. Here are some techniques.

  • The earrings

You can always go for making earrings with hooks, head pins, and beads. making one at first can pose challenging for getting the basics on head pin and beads but with tutorials, you can perfect the art and make new loops.

  • The clasps

Anklets, bracelets and shorter necklaces require clasps which are made of cord that is stretchy. You have to remember that the thicker the cord becomes the more durable it is going to be. They should always on the basis of their looks.

  • Simple necklaces

You can always put a stepping stone towards jewelry making by getting to make simple jewelry. All this requires is choosing, combining and beading of the wires and cords. If you are making a long necklace you will not require clasps.

A Craft Enthusiast

Making jewelry offers myriad possibilities and with the help of few basic supplies and with few inexpensive tools to make affordable jewelry. To be a dab hand at making great jewelry you have to choose the right materials and beads for specific projects or jewelry. If one is not looking forward to purchasing jewelry kits the basic tools like cutters, pliers, set of findings and threading materials must be bought to start off with your exercise.

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