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There are different types of security camera systems available in the market. Moreover, there is a lot of debate as to which one is better, making it all the more difficult for a beginner to make the right choice. You can get analog cameras, as well as IP or website cameras and most people, also suggest that an IP camera is far better in several ways and for different reasons. However, it is not wise to think that the analog cameras are obsolete or are of no use. Every camera has its characteristic pros and cons that you need to consider before making the final decision.

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Analog Vs. IP Cameras

Each surveillance situation is unique and has its own requirements and ways. Sometimes, this uniqueness determines whether an old-school solution is better than setting up a network. The difference between the two setups are:

  • Analog cameras are, usually, wired to the recording device such as the VCR or a DVR and projects images on the screen constantly. There is a coaxial cable in the traditional systems that run from the camera to the recording device. The distance is important to note as after 330 feet boosters are required to get a clear image.
  • IP security camera systems, on the other hand, send the feeds through the Ethernet cables. This process is much faster and often, a better solution. It depends on the available speed in which the camera can produce sharp and clear images. The digital feed can be accessed from anywhere from the central server if the network is not down.

The Design

The design of the security camera systems is a very important aspect to consider as it is important that the cameras blend in perfectly with the surroundings as it is supposed to. It is for this reason; that you will find most of these cameras have a simple black and white finish. The key details in the designing distinguish a smart camera from the rest of the lot.

Usually, the security cameras come with a built-in stand but there may be a few that have a solid cylindrical construction as well. The camera with a stand ensures proper angling and pivoting the camera, but for those with a magnetic backing, it is up to you as to how you position the camera angle.

The Buying Guide 

This is a complete buying guide of the security camera systems. A lot of factors need to be considered such as the design, the functionality, installation, and cost, apart from your requirements.

  • Cheap may be expensive – Contradictory as it may sound, however, it is true. Stay within your budget, buy a small and entry-level system and then upgrade these slowly, rather than buying a lot of unbranded cheap camera causing you remorse and costly repairs or replacements later.
  • Check the warranty – Reputable manufacturers offer at least a warranty for three years as opposed to six months conditional warranty offered by unbranded cheap cameras.
  • Basic capabilities – Know the basics and consider them while buying security camera systems. Consider the wide-angle degree, lens size, and the storage capability before you finalize on a specific model.
  • Camera type – There are three types of surveillance cameras available in the market, each having different functionality and price. Choose wisely from the wide range of analog cameras, High Definition cameras, and Internet Protocol cameras.
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Consider Your Need

Decide how you want to use the security camera systems, where you want to install and what you want it to see in the first place. Also, consider the installation option and cost. It is always best to contact a professional before finalizing.

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