Do you see some Hate Speech on your Skype presently? Do you want to do something for that? Okay, there here is the news for you. Microsoft is introducing a new and better customer support service where you as a user can report such objects. Nonetheless, anytime that content can be restored by the further appeal of the user.

Get Rid Of Hate Speech

This is a real good news for those who do not prefer to the idea of seeing a troll on Xbox or Skype. Microsoft starts thinking about them and offers a new customer support system through which the unwilling users can get rid of such contents. This will be probably working as a zip on the mouth of the self-proclaimed critics who think that insulting someone in a harsh manner is the best form of criticism. They cannot stop themselves from promoting bad contents on these platforms that can hurt anyone’s social or public life.

Bad publicities against companies out of hate or rivalry is a common practice in many industries. There are ex-employees or competitors who like to choose the path of posting bad or offensive things about companies that they hate or do not like. This can cost a big deal of money to the companies that are the subject of those bad publicities.

The Process Of Removal And Restoration

Microsoft is always careful about maintaining a standard or quality of the contents posted on these platforms. This time, they are going to take a much serious approach to handling such issues. They will have a new internal team that reviews the content after getting the complaint, and then they try to look into the vital factors of posting the same. They will also analyze the factors that can make it a Hate Speech. Lastly, they will take the final decision.

However, restoration of the removed content can also be possible. If the author of the content thinks that the post is not harmful, and it got the label mistakenly then he can appeal, and if the appeal is granted by that team, then the post can be restored. However, the authority did not mention the possible time that is taken to give responses for both these requests.

In general, it can be considered as a good move from Microsoft for the well-being of their users. Now, let’s wait and watch how long it takes to get replies from the internal team.

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