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Trump administration’s Muslim ban has created a lot of haywire and due to this, everyone is affected. As a result of this, Apple is planning to take legal action against it so that the immigration order is reversed. This decision was announced very firmly in an interview with CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

This is obviously a bad decision for all Apple employees; we know that due to this order, there are hundreds rather thousands of employees who get affected due to this. They are not granted entry into the United States if they belong from countries having Muslim-majority.

Tim Cook was sure that if this order is reversed, it would benefit the country as a whole, rather than just Apple. Tim was right in saying that the US is recognized for welcoming people of all capacities and backgrounds and this immigration ban will surely act as a hurdle to it.

On the other hand, we have officials from Trump administration who strongly believe that the country will be hampered if potential terrorists get an entry. Who do you think is right?

More about the legal action

On Monday, Tim Cook stated that a lawsuit has been filed against President Trump. However, the legal actions weren’t discussed in detail; Tim Cook just said that they wish to be productive and constructive. Further, he mentioned that since the time the order was passed, several emails dropped in from employees of Apple and every mail had a sad story to narrate; mainly it highlighted the effect on family and friends.

For instance, there was someone who narrated a heart-wrenching story of grandparents not being able to visit his expected child, because they had Iranian and Canadian citizenships.

Apple is concerned because the devices are supplied in over 180 territories and countries and hence, uniting the world is very important for the company. This is the reason why the immigration order was opposed.

Majority of the technology industry is opposed to this ban; this includes right from Google, Airbnb to Netflix. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook stated that he is concerned about the ban. Let us see what action Apple takes. Whatever it might be, we hope that it benefits everyone.

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