Amber Heard Donates 7 Million US Dollar Divorce Settlement To Charity

Amber Heard

Actress Amber Heard married Actor Johnny Depp and shared a relationship with a married couple for 15 months. Unfortunately, the couple could not prove to be a match made in heaven and in May 2016 Depp filed a divorce. However, just within less than a week after this Heard alleged that Depp was physically abusing her throughout those 15th months.

The couple got their divorce on 15th August. As the termination of their marriage agreement, Heard is going to get approximate 7 million US dollar from Depp. That is a huge amount but wait; do you know what she is going to do with this money? She has pledged to donate all the money to charity. Yes, you have read it right. She wants to support the battered women and brings some differences in their life with this amount.

The Story Of The Stars

Like most of the Hollywood couples, these two also found it hard to get any sense of romance in their married life just after they take the vows. The result is known to all. Domestic violence and the other known events of chaos between the couples that took them to court.

However, the story of these stars is different because the money which is claimed as the compensation at the termination of their marriage agreement is not for luxury or paying the debts. It is for charity. Amber decided to donate all the money to American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. She has a certain aim of helping the battered women through ACLU as well as the children of that hospital where she worked as a volunteer for the last ten years.

The Star Did Not Wish To Use The Cash For Luxury

While we have plenty of examples of couples who claim big amount of cash from each other during their divorce, Amber had made it clear that she is not going to take a single penny from that 7 million and donate all of them to charity. She thinks that those battered women need the money mostly because they have suffered a lot and did not have enough money to support themselves.

Both the organizations do not forget to thank Heard for her kindness of donating such a huge amount for the welfare of some poor and distress women and children. She thinks that those women are not completely able to financially defend themselves when at the time of distress. Now, when they get the help through that donation, then they may feel it a little bit easier for them to go ahead in life and find some happiness and dignity.

It is a very kind gesture of this star as most of the time the money is spent on luxury and paying massive debts. This time, Heard sets an example for all who wish to do something good with money. Her motives were clear from the very beginning, and now she has proved that she did not want the divorce for money.


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