Airtel, Vodafone or Idea: Who Is The Winner Of New 4G Battle


The competition between telecom service providers is very high all over India. Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea are three major operators who always try to beat the other with some unique services and rule the market. This time, it is the 4G net speed that is their latest target and these operators are launching new promos and offers to their customers so that their new 4G plans can become successful.

Their new battle for the 4G product is in a high state where each one of them is trying to pull the concentration of their clients towards the same through advertisements that claim that their service is unmatched and unbeatable than the others. However, it is really fascinating to know that who can win the battle finally and how.

The Effort Of Airtel

The experts think that Airtel belongs to a slightly safer position than the others in this race because they come to the field first. They can claim to be the pioneer of the very 4G concept in India. Their promos are designed to make it loud and clear. According to the media reports, the use of new face in the promos becomes successful to create a mark among the general users. Though the advertisement was trolled and criticized, they were highly accepted and appreciated too.

Vodafone Comes With Supernet

Vodafone; probably the biggest competitor of Airtel in India meanwhile comes with a new concept and named it Supernet. However, the experts say that it is nothing but the 4G form of the internet with a twist in the name. According to those market experts, that very name does not help the company. On the contrary, it somehow makes the people confused because they do not understand what Supernet stands for. The company should try to make it clearer and more précised.

The Idea Of Idea

The battle is toughest for Idea because they started the race late. Thus, they need to present their concept regarding 4G network in a different form than these two giants of the telecom market so that they can also grab the attention of the clients. They decided to focus on the part where people can know how this advanced 4G thing can affect their life or what is the overall impact of this technology in our daily life.

The battle is still going and with Reliance Jio joining in… it seems that it is a never ending process where the service providers want to make the clients happy, and the clients will come up with some more desires and complaints.

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