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Do you ever find yourself alone at a tourist spot? Maybe you will, if you’re visiting at an off-season, but you don’t usually see yourself hanging around without a soul holding a camera and standing next to you. Now, imagine that you are at an exotic location you always wanted to visit. The uniquely unknown wind brushes your face letting you know that you’re far from home. However, all of a sudden you snap out of your wanderlust daze and turn around to see others following your footsteps.

  1. The know-all: As mentioned before, on reaching the destination, you’ll realize that you’re not the only one who travels. It is an exceptional experience, and funny in some ways, to check out your fellow tourists. The first one is the kind you generally see at a museum or a historical spot. These people are walking encyclopedias and always try to display the vast array of knowledge, mostly inaccurate, stored in the overhead bins.
  2. The obnoxious families: It’s hard staying as a family these days, with so many separations and kids falling apart from the group. Though, you’ll surely spot one insufferable family with a couple of children and parents where the individuals loudly declare personal preferences and tastes. The mother knows all, the father has no clue, and the kids are always whining and making outlandish desires. Not every family is like this, but nuclear family outings have this common notable trait.
  3. You never know: Next, come the tourists who look to find life-changing experiences during the trip. You may recognize some of the places which offer spiritual healing like Thailand, India or Bhutan, and you’ll come across such trippers in those locations. These individuals hope to rediscover the self, something you’ll never know if these people can find it or not. What these holidaymakers do get, is a tan line, yoga books, and beaded garlands.
  4. Attention seekers: This group is always present in every corner of the globe you go. These youngsters are annoying, unruly, noisy, energetic, and loathsome. You see a relevant group at a club, your hotel or a tourist spot. The primary reasons for such individuals to be there is for a bachelor party or a two-wheeler getaway. Engaging in a conversation with such a cluster can prove to be harmful to you, so try to maintain distance.
  5. The selfie crazies: It’s hard finding a young boy or a girl without a smartphone glued to the hand. You will see such individuals on a trip too where the phone never leaves the clutches of the palm of the owner. The phone camera is continuously active as the individuals click away selfies, selfie videos, live streaming, and whatnot. Such people don’t shy away from snapping pictures in a no-camera zone, but these youngsters have the eyes to recognize a millennial or a gen-x.
  6. The locals: The trip will lose half its experience worth if you don’t interact with the locals. Some will surprise you with warm hospitality and a will to teach you more about the land. While some will disgust you such extents that you won’t ever feel like returning to the location. After all, good and evil exist simultaneously, as one feeds off the other.

Wrapping it up

So, the next time you visit a place, be on the lookout for such excursionists who could be irritating but at the same time, quite amusing. Maybe you research thoroughly about the sites you visit, but if you end up at a spot you don’t find attractive, your fellow tourists can incite your curiosity.

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