9 Ways You Can Be the BEST New Pet Parent


Having a pet is the most wonderful decision that one can make. Having a pet is a great way to have someone in our life.

When we are living away from our loved ones or want our children to bond with someone or one can keep a pet because they have a certain affection for them. You yourself are new to your pet, so initially, it may take time for your pet to get used to you, but one can make short of that time period if they try out some of the ways that we have listed below. These techniques will help you in keeping good care of your pet along with helping them to bond with you in the process as well.

  • Pet Collar

    Buy a collar for your pet on which you have their name and your contact details so that in case the pet is lost, the person who finds them can contact you so that the pet can be returned safely. Everyone should make sure that the information given on the collar is correct and is up to date. There are other ways as well to keep a track of your pet’s whereabouts if you plan to take them outside as well. Some of them are equipped with microchips that are roughly the size of a grain.

  • Make your house pet-friendly

    One can expect the pets to roam around the house checking out different things and places. One doesn’t want them to come across the things that may be harmful to them like some chemical, plastic toys, clothes and other stuff. One should also make sure that there are no open electrical appliances connected to the power left on the floor. All the furniture that has a cupboard should be locked so that the pet doesn’t knock everything inside it.

  • Identify a Vet

    Be in contact with a Vet who is nearby and is experienced so that he or she can be contacted in case of an emergency. Ask them what food should you give to your pet and what vaccinations do you need your pet to get and at what times so that they stay safe and healthy. Make sure that you get your pet a proper check up and check for any allergies or other problems which can be taken care of in the future.

  • Speak with your family

    If you are living with your family and have bought a new pet, make sure that everyone is okay with it and are at peace. Make them understand that it will all be everything new for the pet and they must treat it with love and care so that the pet adapts quickly and doesn’t feel frightened. Everyone in the family should understand that over engaging with the dog, being and playing with 24×7 may result in some negative traits in the pet that will make them seek human attention at every possible chance.

  • Introduce to Other pet

    If you have other pets in the house, make sure you introduce them slowly. It is always better to start by giving your older pets something to smell that is related to the new pet so that they can detect a new presence in the house. Gradually introduce them to each other by limiting the time period they are with each. One can allow the other pet to roam around while the other one is restricted to a confined area.

    The pets can be allowed to meet each other and stay with older ones after some time. Although it should be kept in mind that at the start, the pet may be a bit shy but it will open slowly. You should allow your older pets to interact with the newer pets only under the guidance of yours or a family member.

  • Train your pet

    Train your pet as early as you can so that they adapt to their new lifestyle easily. This will help in getting the things running in the smooth all over again. The training period shouldn’t be very long. One can take sessions of about 5-10 minutes every day.

    To make sure that the pets are interested, you can start reading them, which will make them much more enthusiastic in learning whatever you are trying to teach them. You should contact an animal home shelter and learn from them what different activities can be organized that will allow the best body and character development.

  • Indulges in physical activity

    As soon as the pets find the coziness of the house, they’ll get used to it and would like to be inside most of the time. This should be taken care of as it can make them lazy. Try to make sure that your pet indulges in some physical activity like catching the ball or playing with a toy mouse to make sure that they remain physically fit.

  • Pet Food

    We get our energy to do our day to day work from the food that we eat, and we make sure that the food that we are consuming is the best that is available in the market. Similarly, one should buy the best pet food that is available in the market for their pet as these are the only source of energy they have. Make sure that the food is in line with the taste buds of your pet as it will help them in eating the food.

  • Personal Toys 

    Buy your pets their own things like an eating bowl, collars, leashes, toys and other things. The pets always have an urge to play with things. Dogs will always look for something to chew while the cats are always in the hunt for the thing on which they can try their claws on. So it is better to get them some of their own personal toys before they decide to make the furniture of the house as their own.

These are some of the ways that one can look forward to after buying a new pet. How they can make their pet feel more welcome at home and make it easier for them to adapt so that they can start enjoying themselves in your company.

Author Bio: Willie Mays is a housewife, good mother, pet lover and a blogger. Auxier is her dog and Mimo is the name of her cat. She loves them very much. She has an aim to help other pet owners and that’s why she wrote about apoquel alternatives on her blog.


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