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How much happy will you be if you came across a few tips that will save you from kitchen disasters? You will be exhilarated to learn a few tricks that come handy when you are in a messy condition.  Follow the hacks to enjoy a smooth cooking session.

  1. Managing the corn cob: While separating the cons, pick out any vertical kernel column first. Then push the next column towards the empty row to release the kernel easily. While boiling, add little sugar to enhance the naturally sweet flavor. Salt hardens up the cob in contrary to the sugar that keeps the corn soft.
  2. To overcome over-salting: It may so happen that unmindfully you have added salt twice to the same dish. And it’s almost prepared. Instantly, take a potato and peel it. Put it in the over- salted food. The starchy tuber will absorb the excess salt.Tips of Cooking and Storing Food
  3. Apple in aid: You are aware of the health benefits of the red fruit. But it can help you out in other ways too. The next time the brown sugar hardens, put an apple slice in it and see the magic. The apple absorbs the moisture content of the lump and softens it back to powdered form.
  4. Opening a stuck-on lid of jar: The cover is just not opening due to the sealed vacuum pressure inside. Use your latex gloves for dishwashing purpose now to open the jar. You can also wrap a cling film around the lid and twist it to open.stuck-on lid of jar
  5. Saving the rotting celery: The fresh celery leaves tend to decay very quickly even in cold storage. Next time, wrap up the celery in aluminum foil before storing to keep it fresh for a couple of weeks. Unlike plastic bags, the foil does not trap the secreted Ethylene hormone which causes the decomposition.
  6. Judge your egg: When you buy an egg, it is impossible for you to determine whether it’s fresh or stale. To identify, immerse the egg in a pan filled with cold salted water. A sinking egg is fresh, and the floating one is for the dustbin. After being laid, the eggs cool down with passing days forming a big air pocket inside. This air- sac keeps the rotten eggs floating in the water
  7. To prevent budding in potatoes: Tired to see the sprouts coming out from the stored potatoes? Keep an unripe banana with the stored lot to avoid sprouts. The banana absorbs the produced ethylene to ripen slowly and prevents the decay of the vegetable.
budding in potatoes

Such food hacks help you to keep your vegetables fresh for a more extended period using simple means. It also ensures consumption of healthy and fresh products as you have techniques to determine stale food too.

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