The 80’s demanded the genre of regular theatrical mode that catered the people with emotion, sentiments or the utmost thrillers. With an evolution from this stage, the 90’s stage demanded the higher IQ serial killers. However, the directors had an opportunity to stop worrying about catering to such demand. A first-time screenwriter and a not-so-famous director were all set to hit a transitional genre. When this evolutionary hit Se7en was on screen, it was accepted by the audience unexpectedly well. Henceforth, there were hundreds of critics talking about it. On this century as well, it is one of the well-accepted hits of late 90’s.

The Seven Unknown facts about the hit Se7en is as follows:

  1. Story from a record Store Employee

The first time screen writer of the movie had an experience to share after the release of the movie. Andrew Kevin Walker was a graduate in film program from the Penn State University. Though never deciding to join the industry sooner, Walker was striving hard to meet his ends meet in a Tower Record Store in the New York City. However, this depression worked as an instigator for him to write a script about the hunt of a killer who is inspired with the seven deadly sins for his crime.

  1. Fincher took the call

The next information is from the directors’ desk. After the disappointing experience with Alien 3, David Fincher was not sure whether he could make an impression back in Hollywood. On this note, he chose Se7en, because of the new genre that the story presented.

  1. Pitt wore the cast

The prime actor, Brad Pitt, who played the role of a detective, David Mills injured himself by slipping off a windshield. The injury was so deep that he had to truly wear a cast throughout the film. Though this was scripted but Pitt made it natural.

  1. Revolutionary title sequence

Fincher originally intended to open the sequence with Detective Somerset visiting a home in the country and returning back in attain. But the rough cut studio needed some kind of fillers. This was when Kyle Cooper created a kinetic opening montage of John Doe’s journal. This was a step forward in Hollywood film making.

  1. Spacey was hidden

Fincher appointed Kevin spacey to play the mysterious role of John Doe, the killer. However, Spacey got no credits in the advertising neither in the lost of opening cast. The reason behind this was to keep the secrecy of the antagonist. Though the studio disliked the matter but this bought a flinch in the movie.

  1. Sloth was already an underweight man

The producers wanted to cast a man who could play the role of a chained and starved victim. The next criteria of this victim were that he had to lie down in a very slight frame for long periods of time.Michael Reid MacKay suited all the criteria as already he weighed 98 pounds.

  1. Comic book released

With an inspiration from the film, Zenesscope Entertainment acquired the license to produce a seven part limited series based on John Doe’s fascination on crime. The title made for this comic was Seven Issues.

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