There is a traditional treading path for entrepreneurs. They first acquire a degree, earn a job, create a network, save some capital, and then start the business. By the time they are of thirty, forty, or fifty years of age, they feel they’re ready to begin entrepreneurship. If you too are one of them, then it’ll be wise for you to follow the path mentioned here. The way big corporations, academia, and corporatist governments are rigging the world of business for the past two decades, you won’t achieve success if you wait that long. The time is ripe only for the young entrepreneurs, Millennials and Gen Y youngsters. You should launch your startup before you get a degree.

Colleges aren’t relevant

If you know that you’ll be an entrepreneur then attending college will be a waste of time. Business colleges are losing their touch, and none teach the essential sales skills which are necessary for all entrepreneurs. The business schools are also notorious depositories of aspiring entrepreneurs who are like bottles of soda. Once opened, all the noise comes out but in the end, nothing but water remains.

Extremely expensive

There are several instances when you hear that college graduates aren’t getting a job in their field. However, those very students are bearing a heavy burden of debt. Most successful entrepreneurs are never proud of the fact that they attended college. They are happy because they didn’t, and in turn, saved themselves from the grindstone of debt. You can start a business with the same sum of money you were going to deposit for a college education.

Colleges aren’t impressive

You want to start your business, but you also think that the college degree will be your ‘Plan B,’ in case an issue arises. You shouldn’t even delve into the world of entrepreneurship if you worry about failure. However, a college degree won’t get you a job these days because recruiters find someone impressive who tried to start a business. Even the most recognized colleges and their degrees aren’t useful these days.

Contractual work

Recent studies prove that corporations are hiring people on a freelance basis and not as employees. Almost fifty percent of the Millennials who are working under a company are freelancers. At the present growth rate, nearly all organizations will hire people as freelancers only. These jobs don’t have any benefits, and you will receive a meager sum for all the work you put in.

Employers bring you down

Once you start working under an organization, you believe that you’re gaining valuable experience and contracts. You plan to use all your resources to build the business you dream of. However, there are chances that an employer will try to bring you down with an employment agreement. When you begin your business, your previous employers will drop bombs on you with an entire staff of lawyers.

Resumes aren’t impressive either

For a business, you need investment, and if you don’t have capital, you’ll require the support of investors. No investor will want to know whether you own a degree or not. They won’t show respect even if you have a lot of working experience. However, if you can build and run the company you envisioned, then they’ll worship you and your capabilities.

Enthusiasm is luxurious

Youngsters believe that if they work hard under an employer, they gain experience. This expertise will allow them to work even harder to ensure a successful startup. It is a wrong concept because it is the primary task of an employer to burn you down. They drain out all the energy you have and leave you like an empty husk. When you get older, you won’t be able to draw out energy for the task. It doesn’t matter if you keep your spirits up and maintain your physical prowess.

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