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5 Tips To Protect Your Skin in Current Changing Weather

Weather change

The weather outside can be always unsightly but the skin you are living doesn’t necessarily has to. It is all about banishing dry skin and giving the skin care regimen during winters the much-needed boost. For many of them out there, clear cold days of winter bring more than just rosy cheeks. There is an uncomfortable dryness that is there on the skin on face, feet and hands. Some may experience a dry and tight feeling due to which the skin appears to be flaky and even cracks up. The situation may get worse with a heater that is switched on indoors to combat the cold outside. Here are five potent ways you can protect the skin.

  • Seeking A Specialist

Going to a drug store locally will only have a salesperson giving you some random creams or lotions instead of a good advice. Hence it is always advisable that one must go to a dermatologist and aesthetician. It shall be good invest where you can get your skin analyzed and rule out any possibilities of cancer on Skin. They shall help in the current regimen of skin to be solved by advising you the right products for the skin type. It does not mean that one has to necessarily buy products that are high end because inexpensive ones work just as fine.

  • More And More Moisturizing

A cream or a face mask is not enough to get you through the harsh winter months. This is because with weather routine for skin care also changes. One has to find an ointment-based moisturizer which is not oil based rather than being water based. Oil is helpful in creating a layer that is protective which helps in retaining moisture. Get your perfect buy that suits your skin type.

  • Slathering Sunscreen

It is not just the light skin that can get tanned or damaged but the harsh rays of the sun destroy anybody’s skin. Another myth is that sunscreen must be used only during the summers which are false because the winter sun is equally harsh. You must never step out of your house without a sunscreen that has higher SPF and broad spectrum TPF.

  • Giving hands a hand

You may use a face wash from a drugstore or high-end brand to take care of the skin on your face only. However, winter is all about providing holistic care which means the hands have to be taken care off too. This is because the skin on hands is thinner because of few oil glands. Hence, wearing gloves outside can help while you have also slathered body moisturizer.

  • Banning Superhot Baths

Enough of face paints on your face because winter is the time that requires you to take care of the skin much more than necessary. Soaking toes or feet in burning water feels so rewarding and frolicking but it can damage your skin. Hence, take a bath with lukewarm water preferable with baking soda and oatmeal.

Skin like a baby’s bottom

If you strictly adhere to all the tips mentioned here then you are sure to have a soft, healthy and glowing skin. It is quite important to hydrate yourself in winters too hence never forget to drink water at equal intervals even if you are not thirsty. A humidifier does wonders thus installing one can be really forgiving for the skin.

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