Are you drawn by the beautiful scenery of Morocco? For ages, Morocco had been your dream destination, but finally, you are able to realize that cherished dream of yours. You will find that every penny you spend is worthwhile for your visit.

List of must-know things

You will get a chance to encounter the diverse nature, friendly folks, delicious cuisine and simplicity of life. You will come across fascinating deserts, snowcapped mountains, vibrant medinas, and exciting souks. Keep the following things in mind so that you remain prepared for your upcoming trip to this unique destination.


1. Appropriate dress

You should develop an understanding of what to wear because this factor is likely going to influence the way the local inhabitants treat you. Morocco is a conservative Muslim nation. Islam’s emphasis on the aspect of modesty should be respected. The objective of wearing clothes is not to gain attention. Cover appropriately if you intend to visit the mosques.

Moroccan Shops

2. Holy day

Most of the tourist attractions remain closed on Friday. It is a Muslim country, and so you will not see shops open on this sacred day. Friday is the day when they go to the mosque to seek divine blessings. Irrespective of their age group they rush to the mosques for the cleansing of their souls on this day of the week.


3. Language skills

The official language of the local folks is Moroccan Arabic. People of the Berber community speak Berber. You may find that some of the residents may even speak Spanish and French. Make your trip enjoyable by brushing up your foreign language skills. In the cities, you will have no trouble in conversing in English. However, in the remote parts, you may require the help of translators.


4. Taking photographs

Be careful about capturing pictures. Most of the Moroccans do not like being photographed. Aniconism in Islam may be one of the reasons responsible for that behavioral trait. The locals may even ask for a tip when you are photographing them. It is a sensible decision to seek their permission beforehand and work out a price before capturing their photographs.


5. High times

You will not be able to ignore the intense smell of hashish while out on the streets. This marijuana byproduct has been around for centuries, and you may even come across local people who are taking this product in public. Dealers may try to sell you hashish on the streets.

Incredible experience

Have a wonderful experience at one of the psychedelic destinations on this planet. It is a prudent decision to make plans to hire a local guide and have a once in a lifetime memory while traveling to this part of the world.

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