Tired of tasting and gorging on the same old salad every day? There are unbeatable combinations you can try that can make your taste buds rolling. A salad can never be just some croutons and lettuce. Often some preconceived notions cease you from being an adventurous taster. These notions are whether it will be tasty or not, will have your favorite veggies or not and all the like. Well, you need to stop and move ahead delectable combinations. Leaf through to know the delicious five tasty salad mixes below.

  1. Tortellini and Spinach

In case you are craving too many carbohydrates then this salad is your solution. You can make this by creating a combination of spinach and tortellini with a creamy dressing. All you have to do is chill the tortellini while making sure the greens do not wilt. When it goes into the mouth, there is a sudden burst of flavor.

  1. Almond spinach cranberry salad

This combination is sure to tantalize and boggle your taste buds. You make it by combining crunchy toasted almonds with juicy spinach along with sweet and sour cranberry. The sesame dressing on the top makes it unique and gives it an amazing texture. You may add some poppy seeds as well to make it even crunchier.

  1. Greek cucumber salad

This is just the right salad for your cookouts or parties. You can make this adding some pieces of fresh cucumber with juicy cherry tomatoes, olives and some Greek cheese on top. The salad is super easy and appeals to almost every salad eater. Thus it also compliments nearly all types of main courses.

  1. Salad with chicken and strawberry

Well, strawberries are no more confined only to dessert; in fact, they have found a new home on the bed of greens. All you need is few pieces of pan seared chicken with strawberries and Arugula leaves. You can even add some nuts to this and a balsamic vinegar dressing.

  1. Avocado shrimp and taco salad

This salad is the perfect entree to a summer party. With diced avocados, butter stirred shrimps and tacos this salad makes for a delicious platter. All you need is dressing of cilantro, honey, and some chili powder and you are good to go.

Garden on the plate

Says who that you cannot have the best meal with garden veggies. You do not want to be guilty of treating your tummies like some trash cans while loading them with modified and processed foods daily. So in the spirit of flat stomachs and fab abs, salads can be the key ingredient for your belly bible. A little personalization goes a long way where you omit and add seasonings or ingredients to make a plate full of delight. They will cleanse your system while satisfying your needs for a drool-worthy me.


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