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Is the possibility of a breakup lurking in your mind? It has been a long time, and all you are engaged in is mulling over signals and signs that are hinting an end. As an individual, in fact, every person will detest the fact to be standing on the rocky ground. You are completely uncertain about a romantic future, and the love is slowly fading. When these feelings arise, you know it is the time that your healthy relationship has hit the bottom of the rock. You may want to know as to what are those evident signs that point towards a breakup. Read on to know the top five.

  1. No Time Together

If you see your partner is more on the social networking sites than with you, then there is something seriously wrong. Either of you does not pick each other’s call and make lame excuses when asked is a major sign that your love ship is heading towards the end. The more time spent in isolation and especially apart from you is a warning bell.

  1. Urge to Part Ways

If your gut is hinting towards a breakup at the slightest of incidents then maybe you are indeed heading towards one. The whole forgetting and forgiving aspect of your bond have completely taken a backseat then it is a possibility that you are just not meant to be together anymore.

  1. Boring Conversations

Dull, drab and mundane conversations which are meaningless are a sign that the harmony in your bond is lost somewhere. You don’t express emotions, resort to friendly arguments, laugh, discuss future together and discourage all the time. There are times when you even try to avoid having any conversation at all is the worst thing that can happen to couples.

  1. Trust Issues

Concealing truths and lying about whereabouts are loud gonging warning bells. When you are questioned about whom were you with, and you lie, then you know something is seriously wrong. You also know that your partner is blatantly lying then you must assume it is not meant to be.

  1. No Evening of Your Lives Together

There was a time when you pictured a future together but you do not anymore is the right guess that everything is about to be over. You cannot envision things any longer and cringe at the thought of spending the evening of your lives together. This is a potent signal of a nearing end.

The Relation-Ship Is Sinking

The ship of your relationship is sinking despite you as a captain has all the measures ready to save everyone on board. You tend to be so aloof and lost in your lives that either of your presence makes no difference at all. It is then that you shall slightly weigh the possibilities of an end. The whole anxiety and absence of surety about what you are in the absence of a partner crops up when you sense the smoke. It is always best to move out sooner than later because you are not enemies, not friends but just some strangers with a handful of memories.

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