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Do natural remedies work for hair? Say a big hello to natural beauty solutions for your locks. It is time for you to avoid using those unwanted and expensive forms of chemical treatments and their subsequent harmful consequences. The protein, keratin, is produced by the follicles. New ones replace the old cells. An adult on an average loses to hundred strands a day.

So, there is no need to panic if you notice a few strands on your brush. Earlier, this loss used to be associated with aging. In case of the urban setting these days, everyone is leading a stressful life. This is one of the reasons for tresses loss, along with improper diet and lack of physical activity. We all reach out instantly for a chemical form of remedial solutions for this type of loss thinking of fast results, even after knowing that the chemicals might give rise to some side effects.

For curls loss problems, it is always better to try out natural remedies. Let us discuss some natural home related solutions for hair growth. Most of these ingredients can be procured straight from your home kitchen.

Onion juice

Onion juice is one of the oldest and effective ingredients. Onion contains sulphur which helps in production of collagen in tissues. This helps in proficient growth of tresses. Do not be taken aback by the pungent smell of the onions. Just after single rinse, the smell will fade away. This method involves cutting of few pieces of onions and then grating them. The juice is then squeezed out and applied on the scalp for fifteen minutes. Rinse off your scalp with the help of mild shampoo. Some people even try to substitute this method with that of potato juice.

Coconut milk

Another promising remedy for locks growth is well associated with proper usage value of coconut milk. It is loaded with potassium, essential fats and some iron. Do not use the store bought coconut milk. Use coconut milk obtained from a newand pure form of coconut. Add a few drops of lemon juice and four drops of lavender extract. After that, mix it well and apply on the affected area of scalp. Later, you need to leave it on the scalp for five hours. Then use a mild shampoo and wash it off.

Apple cider vinegar

With the help of this vinegar, you can cleanse scalp and also aids in maintaining pH balance of hair strands. In this way, the growth of locks is accelerated. In this method, a soluble solution is made with vinegar and warm water. For making small batches, 15ml of vinegar is added to a cup,comprising of warm water, and for making large batches; 75 ml is added to 1 liter of warm water. After washing your scalp apply the said solution. Wash if off as final rinse. This will add shine to your hair and will encourage hair growth.

Egg mask

Such remedy is very popular for rapid hair growth. Eggs contain protein, sulphur, along with few bits of zinc, iron, iodine and the well-known phosphorous. The proteins helpforming new hair. This method involves using of egg whites. In a place, mix one egg white with 1 tsp. of olive oil and a few drops of honey. You can substitute with lavender oil, or you can go for the grape seed oil. Prepare this paste and apply on the scalp and hair and leave it on for twenty minutes. Wash this off with water and a mild shampoo.


This product is known for its nicotinic acid and proteins content. Make a smooth paste in your blender by mixing a spoonful of herb with water. Now, it is time to get few drops of coconut oil or go for the coconut milk to this mixture. Apply this mixture on the scalp. Rinse it with the help of mild shampoo. This will not only improve the growth of your tresses but will protect naturalcolor of the mane.

Healthy lifestyle

Use all these natural remedies and you will be able to grow your beautiful locks. You will be able to see results within a few weeks. Follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and try these home remedies and you will have healthy hair.

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