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Traveling across the world is a dream of many but only a few manage to own this dream and work on it. A lot of travel bloggers travel extensively and make it a part of their life to travel at least a minimum of 6-8 times every year! Wondering how they manage to pull this off?

Here are 20 best travel tips that can help you travel more often –

  1. Prioritize traveling.
    Prioritize traveling if you really want to travel more by saving up money instead of purchasing random clothes or electronics that you won’t need.
  2. Spend more time in lesser places
    Don’t travel to every city in every country and blow up your entire budget! Stay for longer in one place to enjoy the region!
  3. Travel with your kids
    You can travel the world with your kids and enjoy the adventures as a family instead of leaving your kids back home!
  4. Plan the trip together
    You need to plan the trip together as a family keeping everyone’s interests in mind so that no one feels left out.
  5. Accept the change
    Embrace the change in the new environment and you will be happier and motivated to travel even more.
  6. Travel locally
    You can visit a different beach, go trekking to a new place around the city, walk around a different neighborhood etc. all in your city!
  7. Local interaction
    Locals have the best insights on the best places to see, the best places to eat at and also share beautiful stories of their town.
  8. Learn basics of the local language
    Learning a few basic conversation phrases in the local language will definitely get you more help to travel around.
  9. Stay in hostels or BnBs
    These are cheaper than booking a fancy hotel suite for your family at a hotel. They also have a more home experience!
  10. Do free stuff
    Walking around the area, cycling, swimming in the river are some examples of doing free things that have an excellent experience.
  11. Be flexible
    Plan for the uncertainties such as falling ill, being too tired and so on.
  12. Travel insurance
    This is an absolute must in order to protect your baggage for loss or for cancellation of flight tickets.
  13. Pack smart
    Pack only the essentials and basic clothes that you will need on the trip instead of packing 4 fancy dresses that you won’t need!
  14. Carry multiple money options
    Travel money cards, cash, debit and credit cards are the different options you must always have on you.
  15. Use credit card reward points
    You could use these for buying tickets which will cut your costs drastically!
  16. Start early
    Don’t sleep too long and miss out on the beautiful mornings. Start early every day.
  17. Keep the phones aside
    Sometimes, it is essential to keep the electronics aside to enjoy the moment. Take a break from your equipment every once in a while!
  18. Working holidays
    Teaching in a foreign country is one such example! It could be fun as well as an amazing experience!
  19. Splurge sometimes
    If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event like swimming with the dolphins in the sea or going snorkeling, then its perfectly fine to splurge!

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