Are you planning to add some accessories to your car to make your drive more convenient, stress-free and stylish at the same here? Don’t want to break your bank purchasing these car accessories? Here are 15 awesomely useful car accessories that you can easily get under $100 –

  1. Tekton’s Digital Tire Gauge
    This is a super affordable and handy accessory that you can use for quickly checking your car tire pressure during road trips or even once every few days before you head out for work. The digital screen lights up on this device making it convenient for late night drivers too.
  2. Resqme Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker Tool
    If you are stuck in a car accident or in a waterlogged area causing your car to shut down, you can use this tool to cut the sturdy fabric of your seatbelt and use the sharp end in the tool for cracking and breaking the window in case of emergency.
  3. WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion
    If you find the driver’s seat uncomfortable especially if you have back problems or simply hate driving, this WonderGel Extreme seat cushion will make you feel like you’re sitting on top of a cloud! It molds accordingly to the shape of your buttocks and back!
  4. Memory foam neck pillow
    These are tiny pillows that are attached on the neck of the seat to provide extra cushioning for your neck. The TravelMate’s memory foam neck pillow also retains heat which adds to the comfort when stuck in a traffic jam!
  5. Optimum’s No Rinse Car Wash and Shine
    This spray allows you to clean your car without using water. Simply spray it and clean! You can reduce the water wastage. This is super handy too especially when you are on a road trip.
  6. Rain X Water Repellant
    This is excellent for improving your visibility while driving as it repels water, snow and even bugs! The coating stays for weeks at a stretch and is easy to use as well.
  7. iOttie’s Car Mount
    You can keep your phone mounted in your car with iOttie’s car mount stand which is especially useful when you are using the GPS during your drive.
  8. Auto Expression’s Glove Box Organizer
    You can keep all of your important car papers such as insurance, window tinting papers, license, etc. completely inorganized in this organize kit. It can easily fit in your glove box too!
  9. 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System
    You can remove all the scratches on your headlights, indicator lights as well as tail lights by using this restoration system kit from 3M. It will instantly brighten up the light and also remove any blurry fogged up texture from the glass.
  10. Steering Wheel Desk
    Zone Tech’s steering wheel desk is a portable tray that can be attached to your steering wheel so that you can eat comfortably in your car when parked or even work in your car!
  11. Fix A Flat – Tire Spray
    This tire spray allows you to quickly seal the flat tire without the need for going to a garage to get it fixed. Simply spray this on the puncture, wait for a few seconds before inflating the tire and you are good to go!
  12. Heininger Dash Grip Gel Pads
    This grip gel pads allow you to stick your keys, coins and even smartphone on your dashboard without them slipping all over the place. They are easy to stick and remove too without leave a dirty glue residue on your dashboard.
  13. Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler
    Are you tired of dropping your phone and other items in the seat gaps? Use this car seat gap filler from Drop Stop to cover up the space. This is super affordable and durable too!
  14. 2-inch blind spot mirrors
    You don’t have to worry about blind spots while driving anymore when you purchase these 2-inch blind spot mirrors. They provide a wide angle view which is excellent if you are a beginner at driving.
  15. AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit
    This is excellent for every driver and a must to keep in your car. You never why you might just need any of these tools to fix your car in an emergency situation.
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