Flying Along With Toddling Kids

Parenting is a marvelous experience altogether. Childcare in various age groups of the child is a great matter of concern. Let us consider the toddling age that is between 12 to 36 months of age. The children might have recently learned to stand on their feet independently and they might have started walking in a much-fumbled way as the overall growth of their body and the mechanism to balance and walk is not completely developed at the beginning of this age. If the parents would be planning to go for a trip by air along with these toddling kids; they should know some important things that would help them to have an enjoyable traveling experience.

Here are some important things the parents should consider while traveling with toddlers:

Preparation before a flight:

  1. Make effective use of car seat bags:

Car seats can make the toddlers comfortable while sitting on the seats in the flights. So, when the parents plan to carry these seats they should prefer the backpack styled bags for these seats. These bags would be easy to handle. Similarly, along with the car seats, there would be ample of space in the bag remaining that can be utilized to carry large yet lightweight things such as jackets, towels, diapers and so on.

  1. Managing the luggage:

If the hotels hold the baggage till the passenger’s arrival; it is better to book the shipment of luggage at the airport. If it is not an option; the parents can get a rented cart to carry the things they don’t need in hand.

  1. Laundry facility at destination:

Depending upon availability of laundry facility and the duration of the trip it would be better to carry a number of outfit for the kids.

  1. A shift in the time zone:

The kids need to be made habitual with the expected change in the time zone at least before a week; when the flight crosses the time zone to avoid jet lag.

During the flight:

  1. Carry toys and items that keep the kids happy:

It is better to carry teddies, soft blankets, some toys that the kids can stay happy with for hours on the flight to manage their fear during the first experience of air journey.

  1. Being prepared for takeoff and landing:

The pressure changes in the flight and the inclination during takeoff and landing may prove to be troublesome for the kids. It is advisable to carry water, chocolates and other things that they can drink and suck.

  1. Keeping the kids engaged:

It is important to allow the kids to do the things they enjoy doing during the flight so that they would not be anxious. If it is their favorite cartoon films on the parents’ smartphones and tabs; they should not be stopped.

  1. Feeding a lot of water:

It is important to feed them a lot of water and so the parents should carry the sippers and even the diapers during the flight.

  1. New toys:

This can be an important addition in the things the parents carry on a flight as new toys are adored by the kids of this age group.

  1. Some extra things for ease:

For the toddlers that are not toilet-trained, it is essential to carry diapers and change of clothes for them and the parents as well.

After the flight:

  1. Effective food planning:

Though the kids might be all quiet during the flight, as they would be tired their trouble might start immediately after the flight. It is important to possess some food from the meals in the planes, stalls at the gate or eat out at the restaurant would be necessary.

  1. Some toys to end the journey:

The journey is finished when the luggage would be received at the subsequent claim counter. It is also necessary to keep the kids indulged during this period after the flight with some toys.

  1. Never hesitate to ask for help:

Carrying the entire luggage and the kids in the car or the bus might be difficult. It is better to ask for a dedicated vehicle for the family.

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