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Does summer mean added expenses to you? With the right planning, you may enjoy summer worry free. You probably end up spending a lot of money during the summer seasons. People tend to go overboard with the expenses during the hot scorching summer months. The kids are on a holiday break, people have their vacation plans lined up, and the air conditioning is working round the clock. Many people are hit hard by the high rate of unemployment and ever increasing gas prices. However, with some simple tips, you may lessen the stress on the wallet and have some extra dough to save every month. Discover the ways to save money this summer.

Adjust air conditioners

In previous days, only a few people owned air conditioners. But today it is an unlikely situation. Almost all homes use air conditioners. Half of the energy utilized in the homes goes toward heating and cooling. Even a small adjustment such as reducing by one degree can make a difference. You can make a difference with a programmable thermostat. Save money by turning the air conditioner off and opening the windows instead.

Summer camps

Look for summer camps which are organized by the cities and municipalities through various community centers. If the summer camp you are interested, is very expensive then check out to see if grants are available. Many religious organizations run these camps at very affordable prices.

Restricted use of sprinklers

Most owners of home tend to overdo with sprinklers. Though kids have a lot of with the sprinklers, it uses up a lot of water.  Reduce your energy bills by not watering the grass daily. In your lawn plant trees that do not require a lot of water. With many areas facing shortages of water especially in the summer season, the use of sprinklers is disproved off by many people.


With the increase in gas prices carpooling option is becoming popular. Various websites are available which will give you information about carpoolers who are willing to share rides to the workplace. They also provide you information about carpool options to the airport, hospitals.


You can plan a staycation. Not only you will be able to save chunks of money, but you will save yourself a lot of stress by not having to fly to unknown areas. You can take your kids out for swimming or picnic and spend a lazy time on your hammock.

Rent heavy duty tools

Some people indulge in home improvement which requires the uses of heavy equipment. Instead of spending a fortune by purchasing them, consider the alternative option of renting them. Depending upon the scale of the project, you can save substantially.

Install solar lights

Use solar lights for your backyards. This gives you an opportunity to utilize that space in the evenings during the summer months. This kind of lighting arrangement will not cause strain on your wallet.

Keep your curtains closed

Close the blinds on the west side of the room. In this way, you can restrict sunshine entering your room. Doing this will reduce the amount of heat caused by the sunlight. This will also reduce the load of the air conditioners.

Seal gaps

Cool air will escape if there are leaks in the house. Identify the leaks and make them airtight. Sealing those gaps will reduce the load on air conditioners. It will keep cool air inside. It is not that expensive to have them fixed and at the same time causes saving.

Use gas instead of electricity

For cooking purposes, use natural gas or propane which is a cheaper option. Do not attempt to use electric stove tops. They are way too expensive. This will cause savings and will reflect on your utility bills.

Save big on utility bills

Saving money in summer is not that painful. Many of these tips will help you improve your quality of life. Just making a few changes, you can bring about changes that will have a positive impact on your monthly budget.

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