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10 Exercises to keep you Physically and Mentally Fit

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Exercises are important and even if you are not a serious exerciser or an athlete you do need to exercise for staying fit. The whole thing that can be quite intimidating is the gym scene where you walk past weight machines, stationary bikes and treadmills. In fact, the real truth is that to shed off those extra kilos you will not have to spend extra hours on the gym instead of doing a little workout can do the trick. There shall be a marked improvement in your overall health. Here are the top ten.

1. Push-ups

Push upBasic push-up is a classic one and is meant for Anytime Fitness and is helpful for strengthing the upper torso. It includes the core, triceps, shoulders and the chest. A beginner can easily do this with their arms extended and having spread it fully. It has to be extended more than shoulder against an object that is unmovable. Elbows have to be bent unless chest touches the edge of the object.

2. Crunches

An abdominal crunch, the standard one is quite an excellent way in strengthening and defining the abdominal muscles. It is a great Physical exercise where with feet flat on the floor and back cruncheslying on the surface you have to have the rest the head on the palms. The lower back has to be pressed down while contracting the abdominal muscles. Head has to be raised the neck, upper back off floor and shoulders. It has to be repeated once over.

3. Lunges

The lunges work just as squats and do the work for muscle groups that are large. They are beneficial for health wellness and fitness because they help in improving the balance along with additional muscles in the leg.

4. Squats

These are probably the best calorie burning exercises as the large groups of muscles. They consist of a motion that goes up and down resembling a motion as if one is coming out of a chair.

squat swimming

5. Swimming

It is also called the perfect body workout as you burn a lot of calories while toning you up. Water buoyancy helps in supporting the body while taking all the built-up strain from joints.

6. Walking

There is nothing in this world that is more effective than brisk walking. It helps in improving levels of cholesterol, keeps the pressure in check, bones are strengthened and is mood uplifting.

7. Interval training

The interval training is an intense bout of activity that has a recovery period followed by the same intense activity yet again. Beginners may always try this with moderate to low intensity and vice versa.

8. Yoga

Yoga makes helps create awareness for the body’s alignment, movement patterns and posture in one’s mind. You shall be more peaceful, happier and energetic.

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9. Bench press

This is a great workout session for the biceps and the back. It starts by sitting on the bench but you have to stand while doing the exercise.

10. Plank

It is an excellent exercise because the deepest muscles of the core are strengthened. Despite being an exercise that is static you just have to hold the entire body of yours like a plank.

Take doctor’s advice

Before you engage in any of the exercises it is advisable that one seeks medical advice. This is because you need to be fit enough in order to complete them. Once you are set just go for it and knock off those kilos.


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